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Name: Seto
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Bio: Seto is calm most of the time, choose to use logic over emotions. He can come off a bit cold and uncaring. But that is only to hide the fact he's afraid of letting people in. He grow up on the streets, where he learned about his powers and used them to feed himself and those close to him.

He join the army of ruko home realm atfer cimbing throw the ranks, even becoming the youngest captain at age 14. He became ruko personal bodyguard, but he trend to argue with him alot.

ability: control over shadows ( can create thing with a shadow but cant create shadows), light like enegry, magic, flight( with wings)

Likes: playing his cello, reading, quit places, and flying.

Dislikes: bullying, those who think there better than others.

Classes:(total of 5)

Clubs/activities: if have any

Class Rep:

Year: 2

 Equipment: cello

Stats:2nd year-400
energy to use ability-100
martial arts skills-0
equipment skills-0