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She tried to slink away. A worm from a bird, it would seem to the audience of this show. But where is the bird? Does he circle? There is no sign of him. There never was. Even that scent she believed so strongly in is absent. It festers in her head, but not in her nose. Its nowhere outside of her mind.

Or could it? The man that haunts her. The man stalking her dreams. As her eyes shut, she sees him once more. A smile, devious. Hes crouched down before her where she attempts to sleep. His hand creeps slowly tward her, fear paralyzes the girl. Closer, closer... And as he is about to place his hand on her... Her eyes shoot open, a reflex of fear. The man is gone, or rather, was never there. Yet... His scent.... is it in the air? Its enough to pick up...faint enough to have been imagined...

Aphrodite beckoned the boy closer, and waited until he'd closed the distance to answer. "Thank you for your concern, handsome one, but I know how to play all games. Even ones meant for and created by children. I'm good at playing games." Her tone was provocative, the double meaning clear.

She tilted her head, quietly amused. "Sounds like the little dragon smelled something he wants." She chuckled softly. She purred softly back at him. Hers is distinctly far more feline. Her hand lifted, the index fingernail trailed over his cheekbone. "So young. Young enough to not even have an idea of who I am. I don't know if I like that, or not."


The woman straightened, looking at Kaya and Anihe. "I don't know. Would it be fair for a mother to be against her baby girl's team?" She asked, her brow raising. "Flip a coin girls. Only way to settle this. Someone's gonna have a goddess when it's all done." She gave a chuckle in that memorable voice.

Aphrodite drifted down from the stands, a sensual grace in her motions. A scent trails around her. It's hard to name, but it seems to pull at the senses and at the baser appetites. She leaned against the fence slightly, not far from Leon. "Think I might be able to play?" A hip jutted, her dark head tilted. The question is suggestive.

The Aegean eyes flit down to Miles, an eyebrow arching over them. A faint southern drawl via Georgia lingers around the words. "Well, now. I haven't heard that name in sometime. I use Calypso now, or just Callie. Safer for me, in general. Who are you to be identifyin' me so quick?" Her voice is melodious, like a song that gets stuck in your head. A man might just follow that voice anywhere.

He's felt like that before, he's sure of it.

A woman, bearing quite a bit of resemblance to Kaya, appeared in a shower of blood red petals. Dressed in a short chiton of ivory, she wears a golden girdle at her waist. Her dark ebony hair is loose about her shoulders, and her eyes shift in their color. For now, they sit at a shade that resembles the Aegean shot through with sunlight.

Her golden skin is flawless satin, and she's a tall woman, easily standing near to six feet, though she is built delicate and curvy. Her mode of dress hints at flesh, but does a fantastic job of only being a tease. She has a look of dark mischief on her beautiful face. There is little doubt of who she might be. She seems to command attention. And yet, says nothing.

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