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O'raion Forest / Re: A Quiet Moment, A Silent Thought [closed, evening]
« on: October 08, 2012, 08:30:11 am »
Now, now that voice could purr through her mind. Demon blood, so useful. "A war brought by a madman that desires to have this island for his own, dearest. Surely you didn't believe that those spiders were coincidental. That all this destruction was for no reason, whatsoever? War is coming, darling. I surely didn't compile my dossier for no reason." She flipped that blood red hair behind her shoulder, standing hipshot.

"You'd be wise to begin training. To ready yourself. Don't go anywhere unarmed. Do not wander alone. Warn the rest of the students. Quietly. Prepare yourselves. Quietly. And do not trust just anyone. You are living with your friend. Keep it that way." Sienna moved forward, dropping three CDs carefully into the brush of the forest. They clattered softly.

"Take a look at those. Take in the information. Share it only with people that you trust implicitly. Be aware. Some of that information has the ability to tear apart couples on this island. Consider your own feelings of betrayal. And yet, it seems important information to have them know. Make your choices wisely, little one. What is worth the safety of these people? Big decisions." A cruel smile flirted with the woman's lips, and the light in her eyes has a chilling sadism within it.

"Any questions? I do have things to do. And no, fighting Miyako is not on my list today." She said, once more bored.

NPC's / Brutus Rothchilde
« on: October 03, 2012, 10:32:45 pm »
Name: Brutus Rothchilde
Age: 26
Gender: Male


Bio: A man from Elyana's past in particular, he's a known individual to the small pack of shifters on the island. Some are more aquainted than others. The rage given him by Luna seethes in his heart, and he wears it like a terrifying and intimidating cloak.

His temper is never very well controlled and animals and most spirits are very aware of this. They tend to shy from him, as do most things not supernatural. His motives remain obscured to all but one. He's dangerous, cunning, magnetic, charismatic, and obsessive. He has a single goal. Securing the mate he nearly had, but lost.
ability: shape shifting into a wolf, heightened senses, strength, resilency, the ability to cover his scent, to hide from the eyes

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

Classes: N/A

Equipment: A bracelet of spiritual value that has various abilities within. Money. Contacts.

Stats: total 1500
strength- 300
speed- 150
intelligence- 175
energy to use ability-250
martial arts skills-175
equipment skills-200

O'raion Forest / Re: A Quiet Moment, A Silent Thought [closed, evening]
« on: October 03, 2012, 08:49:45 pm »
The warmth of the chuckle belied the expression on the woman's face. It became readily apparent that trying to hide fear or really any emotion is a useless sort of thing. "Oh, looks as if I touched a nerve. I'm guessing you didn't know I'd already had Shinji. The boy was too silly to figure it out. Luckily, you'd already given over to him, so I didn't have to worry of being so careful." Perhaps later, when Mika wasn't seeing red, she'd find it odd that such a woman would have so much care for something like virginity or innocence.

But there's little doubt that she's speaking the truth. "He was just simply too slow, or completely unattentive to figure out that it wasn't you. I dropped hints, gave him clues. But he's painfully slow. So sad when a boy doesn't know his mate enough. It's dangerous." Sienna tsked lightly, almost waiting for the girl to lose her temper. She needed Miyako to stir. The demon, she could talk to.

"Now, you've lost him, and gotten your new, tasty thing. And quit lying to yourself and to me. Lust, my dear. It's an easy sin to find. Not quite my favorite, but certainly among the top. You want him, you're just afraid of admitting it to yourself. Guilt does that. It tends to ruin all the best sins.

I wonder how long before the war breaks the two of you apart."
She said, tone calculated to sound utterly bored.

O'raion Forest / Re: A Quiet Moment, A Silent Thought [closed, evening]
« on: October 03, 2012, 07:56:27 pm »
No footstep sounded, no twig snapped, but it became more than apparent that Mika wasn't alone. And then a female voice spoke and confirmed it. "Odd, isn't it, how your surroundings can so similarly resemble the state of being that your personal life is in?" A small, almost delicate woman stepped from behind a tree nearby.

One eye silver mercury, the other molten gold, the cameo face is no less beautiful for the apparent exotic blood in her veins. The long blood red mane only added to that otherworldly appeal. Though delicate in bone, she was a woman of extravagent curves. Just the sort of woman you might think of when picturing the sort meant to seduce a man. Even her voice, rich and smooth, played with the mind. Sin incarnate. "Does your heart ache, little one, for the things you've given away? Or have you already decided to enjoy the replacement. He's tasty, dearest." She asked softly, mockingly.

Silver City / Re: gathering if minds...[9/16 midnight open]
« on: September 23, 2012, 08:42:13 pm »
Blood red hair loose, and wearing her own beautiful face, Sienna stepped onto the room. She seemed different. More confident. She moved to greet Yuji, her mismatched quicksilver and gold eyes scanning the room silently. She noticed the girl, remembering being that woman. She inclined her head to Yuji, meeting his eyes. Simpering and fawning never really worked to charm him. "Good evening, Master. Are you well?" Her hand brushed his shoulder lightly.

Chat it up / Re: Harry Potter RPG
« on: August 25, 2012, 06:03:42 pm »
The setup is fantastic! Go check it out, peoples!

Penny for your thoughts / Re: This website is falling apart.
« on: August 12, 2012, 09:03:57 pm »
I don't want this to turn into a fight. Everyone understands, or should, that real life takes precedence over a board. I don't want to think that any player can fault someone for that.

Leon, if real life is coming down on your head, don't worry too much on the ankubo arc. Take your time, see if you can give a few others something to gnaw on. I'll get the Underworld arc going on that I had started. That way, it buys you time to get real life square.

Get in contact with me about something that you might need inroads made on, and while I've got people working the Underworld, they can also be helping along other evil twists. I'm good at interweaving stuff, so just let me know.

Either way, being an adult sucks ass. It means you can't do the fun stuff you wanna do, most times. And ya gotta do all the NOT fun stuff.

Penny for your thoughts / Re: This website is falling apart.
« on: August 12, 2012, 07:25:10 pm »
Cherry and I will work on this, as much as we can.

She shook her head. "That would make all of the work that I have done mean nothing. I nearly shattered my mind further to achieve this information. I must see this through. Will you stay at my side until after thisis  done?" There's a stubborn resolve to see this ended.

She looked up at him, and fear was in her eyes. "Egli non permetterà che le mie catene andare così facilmente. Voglio essere libero così male, ma questo mi spaventa." Her hands framed his face, thumbs tracing his cheekbones. "Non voglio lasciarti andare, ora che ho te."

She nodded her head in answer to his unfinished question. "E avrebbe fatto male il mio cuore al caso avere nulla ti succeda. Tu sai tutto di me, e ancora, credi che io sia un angelo. Vuoi ancora che io sia tuo. Io non lo capisco. Io non ti capisco!" It flabbergasted her, this fact. "Sarebbe impossibile non amarti, dolce notte. E non mi sento degno di voi. Non lo farò mai." She returned his kiss, and held his hands tightly.

She leaned forward, whispering in his ear, eyes closing. She wouldn't keep making the same mistakes. "Come possiamo risolvere questo problema? Voglio essere libero per voi."

Her fist tightened convulsively in his shirt. Eyes wide on his, her white knuckled grip loosened, both hands lifting to his face. They brushed at the tears he cried. Even as her heart elapt with joy, it fell in despair. "Amore mio, io sono un disastro." Her mind was still racing to try and catch up. The woman he loved? His angel. She'd hurt him. It was only a matter of time.

She lowered her forehead to his. "Oh, God, you can't. I'm poison to everything I touch. All I ever leave behind me is destruction, death and heartache. I can't do that to you." The flat of her hand slapped against his chest. The shirt even dulls the sting. It's just a very light strike. "You weren't supposed to love me. I've loved you for some time, but you weren't supposed to feel this way for me." 

She shook her head, still leaned against his. "Dolce notte, ti amo. E siamo fottuti." The words broke her heart, because all of this was her fault.

His yelling made her jump, but finally she didn't retreat. She couldn't let him believe such a lie. Perhaps it was because she'd finally begun fighting back against her own shattered psyche. Perhaps it was because he'd known her well enough to stand beside her. Something gave her strength.

Her voice wavered. She hadn't stood against a man in so long. Even with this burst of courage, it's obvious she's still unsure. "I am not an angel! And it's only right that I be cursed into service of the sort of man that I couldn't keep away from in life! The sort of men that I let do the things that made me into what I am. I made the choices that made me this way. I **** myself!" Tears were in her eyes, but she refused to cry.

The curse word coming from her mouth shocked her ears, and gave her jitters. Men didn't like women who swore... A voice whispered to her, but she ignored it. "I let myself be driven into the ground, and then dug my own cursed grave, Notte! I let them hit me, because I didn't deserve better. I became their ****, trying to repay the debt my birth incurred." Her eyes closed, and when they opened, they met his. "I am a ****, I am damned, I am tainted and dirty. I am what came from light ripped asunder by evil. I can't be saved. I was never able to be saved. And I won't let a good man fall on a sword that he shouldn't." Her hand reached out, balling into his shirt, as if to hold onto him, perhaps keep him in place.

She was shaking her head slightly in denial, her face pained. "Dolce notte, non si può spezzare queste catene. Sono stato condannato. Damned per servire gli uomini che mi vedono sempre e solo come un possesso, una cosa. Il loro talento po puttana." She looked him in the eye, and with that sickening surety, told him, "Io non sono niente, ma una puttana." She knew she could be called nothing else.

She lifted her hand to his face, whispering to him. "Io non son degno di te. Non sono mai stato." She didn't know what his curse was, what he was damned to do. But they didn't escape such things. Not so easily.

She let her head fall back against his shoulder with a thump. "Notte, you know the only thing I have ever been any good at doing is finishing what I start. I have to finish this. He's got my chains. I'm bound to serve. I can't not follow his orders. The sick and twisted joke of the hells. They take your worst nightmare, and make it your curse." She laughed, extremely bitter and brittle. The sound of it plays along the nerves. It's as unhappy and cynical as he's ever heard her.

Her brow furrowed. This time, it's consternation. "You know that I have to finish my assignment, Notte. You know that well." She shook her head slightly. "You're serious, but you should have known the answer. Why?"

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