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The Unbroken Circle / Re: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]
« on: January 03, 2013, 12:51:06 am »
Sensing a disturbance (in the force. Lol! xD) in his priestess, the lord tossed  a questioning glance in the direction of the 2 women. Seeing their embrace and confirming their safety, the lord blinks raising an eyebrow at them, but goes back to "examining" the device. Now finished with it's meal, the dark mist drifted into the shadows leaving the area pristine as though naught had occurred.

If Tatsuya was still there, Kazuma would notice him and blink wondering why he had yet to be introduced to him. If not, he would simply bide his time, waiting until Aska and Homura finished their business that they might begin his own.

The Unbroken Circle / Re: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]
« on: January 02, 2013, 11:31:46 pm »
The lord blinked at the dragon's subdued transformation. If memory served him correctly, most others subjected to the same transformation felt a rush of power so overwhelming that they simply had to release it. Perhaps he triggered the transformation incorrectly? The lord would blink again and shake his head, stifling a laugh at his own doubt. No, that couldn't be it. Obviously, this young one had controlled her powers well. An admirable quality. Aska had trained her well.

Once the young woman's transformation was completed and it's success confirmed, the lord simply tosses Aska a look that says "it is done." And wordlessly walks over to one of the ancient devices Aska used to kill her sacrifices during the ritual. Though her was already familiar with the workings of the device, he pretended to examine the intricacies of the machine to give the two women a bit of privacy. Surely they would want to reaffirm their bonds after such a thing had ended. And perhaps even forge some new ones.

The Unbroken Circle / Re: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]
« on: January 02, 2013, 10:00:32 pm »
The lord nods slightly in recognition of Aska's words even though his eyes stormy eyes never left Homura's own fiery red. "As you wish," the lord said, his voice still muffled by the whispers within Homura's head as he turned back to her and began to... lean closer!? Inch by inch, the lord's face slowly approached Homura's moving much closer than should ever be allowed. Despite the circumstances, Homura's natural reactions would be able to show through here, though she would be unable to do anything about it as the lord's face slowly brushed past her own, his lips moving closer to her left ear.

Finally, the lord stopped just next to Homura's ear, his body now close enough to smell the subtle hint of stale age clinging to his ancient clothing as he whispered into her ear. A small command that rang loud and clear throughout her to her very core; "Fi consumat de către păcatul tău (be consumed by thy sin)."

Homura's whole body will tense up and she will gasp involuntarily. The breath will catch in her throat as her own darkness bubbles up from it and spills out of her mouth. The fire in her eyes will be snuffed out along with her vision as those red orbs go black as though her pupils had swallowed them up like black holes and she'll shed black tears as 2 more trails of black spill from her nostrils and ears. Eventually, Homura's body will go into violent convulsions, but never fall as though her feet are rooted to the ground as darkness literally spills from every opening in her body and clings to her, wrapping her in darkness until she is completely cocooned by it. And even though the process is painful to her body, Homura likely wouldn't feel a thing as she is drawn deep within her own subconscious in order to have a discussion with the darkness in her own soul.

The lord will stand up straight again and move to Aska's side long before Homura's body starts flailing uncontrollably. If Aska tries to help the doomed dragon, then he will hold out his arm barring her way as he watches the transformation play out. "Fret not, be she worthy then thy beloved sister will merely awaken to her true self. If not, then she will perish. However, I doubt we shall have to worry about that second outcome; Thou hast pruned her darkness well. She is ready."

Once her transformation is complete, the darkness will crack and peel away from her body, dissolving and scattering in the air like ash as Homura is finally able to finish her gasp. Then, a rush of power will course through her body as she is born anew, awakened to her own inner darkness.

The Unbroken Circle / Re: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]
« on: January 02, 2013, 08:43:42 pm »
Having not been treated as a lord for such a long time after such a humbling experience, Kazuma had mixed feelings at how the women were treating him. However, he welcomed the humility and respect showed by the two women and smiled slightly as the young girl finally stopped a respectful distance away from him. "Thou hast learned VERY well," the lord noted and closed the rest of the distance between them until he was close enough to touch Homura, which he soon did as he reached down and gently lifted the girl's chin so that his stormy grey eyes could meet her own, "do not avert thy gaze..."

For one long, possibly awkward moment. He would simply gaze into the girl's eyes, frowning as he searched for something within them. However, the awkwardness would soon begin to fade as something small sparked within Homura, entrancing her and forcing her to gaze ever deeper into the thunderstorm within Kazuma's eyes. Soon, she would be able to neither move nor look away as the lord smiled and turned his head slightly to address Aska, though his eyes would not leave Homura's. "thou hast prepared her well my dear; the change will not destroy her, though she may still suffer as the darkness takes hold. Art thou sure thou wishes to go through with this?"

Kazuma's voice would sound muffled and far away to Homura as a new voice would speak within her mind. A voice very similar to those of the darkness that she had heard before whispering things that she could not yet understand.

Chat it up / Re: Second Generation.
« on: January 02, 2013, 06:06:59 pm »
Sorry I haven't been on much lately; work has been a killer! >.< but yeah, I suppose I'm in too. My question though is what are we going to do about Kazuma? his arc is just staring and he's supposed to wreak havoc if he isn't stopped!

If left to think it over, I could probably come up with a suitable explanation but do you guys have any ideas for how we can carry him over to the new forum?

The Unbroken Circle / Re: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]
« on: January 02, 2013, 05:56:47 pm »
"No," the lord called out, raising his hand to stop his priestess as she started to sweep away the blood and the bodies, "the aroma of thy work has awakened the hunger of the shadows. Let them feast. Tis been many a moon since they have had the chance to enjoy aught but rodents." Even as the lord spoke, the hushed whispers of the darkness filled the air as the black mist about their feet began to home in on the carcasses littering the area. Before long, the blood and corpses were completely swallowed up by the shadows and a series of sickening crunches like a large beast tearing into a fresh kill filled the air.

Despite the horror of the moment, the lord paid it no mind at all as he turned his attention to the one that his priestess had called her "sister," his eyes narrowing slightly as they looked over the small girl as though looking for something the eye could not see. "Thou hast taken well to the lessons of thy sibling," the lord observed, a hint of amusement in his voice as his corners of his lips curled into a small smirk.

As fast as the amusement arose however, it vanished leaving a cold scowl as his eyes continued to search the young woman. "Arise young one," the lord said, his tone implying that his words were more of a command than a request, "come to me, that I might look upon thee properly."

The Unbroken Circle / Re: Darkness Falls [invite only, winter solstice]
« on: December 27, 2012, 02:17:42 am »
It is a little known fact that natural shadows are not truly black. If one were to look closely into a shadow, they would be able to see that it is merely a much darker variation of the color it is cast against. Even if one were to close their eyes, they still would not see black. They would see flashes of reds and yellows caused by the last light they'd seen and the light shining against their closed lids. True black is not a natural color. It simply cannot be anything but man made. So as a truly black mist billowed out from the portal, spilling across the ground seemingly devouring the earth itself as it approached the onlookers, one would not be blamed if they felt a bit... uneasy...

Yet, as the mist reached the ankles of the ones that took part in the ritual, it merely billowed past with all of the bite of a cool gust of wind. Then everything went quiet. As though the world had been hushed out of respect to welcome the lord's presence. At first, nothing but his footsteps could be heard, but slowly, a tall, imposing figure had formed in and stepped through the portal. One pale left hand raised to brush some dust off of the shoulder of his regal black coat. His hair, though still long, was in much finer condition than when his priestess had last seen it. And the raven strands fell elegantly about his head until they were inevitably pulled back into a low-tied ponytail to keep them out of his face. His dark, stormy grey eyes betrayed an excitement that his stony face denied before they closed and his chin raised slightly as he took a long, deep breath of the fresh air that he had so desperately longed for.

"Tis stained with the aroma of blood...," he said in slight disappointment, the corners of his mouth turning downward temporarily in a frown. However, he lowered his head as he exhaled and turned, smiling slightly at his priestess, "...yet, tis in no way stale or corroded with time... Thou hast done well, my priestess."

Housing Area / Re: Blow Me One Last Kiss [open-ish]
« on: December 04, 2012, 11:22:00 pm »
"Lya-chaaaan," came an exasperated voice barely heard over the now blaring music. Yet, by now, the woman would be able to tell it was Elliot and that he was a tad irritated with her. The teen enters the room with Georgie sitting on his head twittering along with the music. An exasperated face to match the tone of his voice as he approached the woman bustling about with her move. "You KNOW I told you to let me know when you did this. Why didn't you wait for me to come help out?"

Chat it up / Re: Phail-Phan Tournament
« on: December 04, 2012, 10:11:40 pm »

A small moan escaped the Crescent Moon as his heart began to race in his chest. Was it the thrill of yet again savoring the taste of Lya's lips? Was it the excitement of doing this outside? Or perhaps it was the instinct of the wolf within him? Whatever the case, it mattered little to the teen as his tongue answered the call of the No Moon's, coiling and dancing with her own.

Elliot didn't particularly like cinnamon flavored toothpaste, but this time, he savored the taste and hungrily lapped at the tongue as his fingers ran through her hair, separating and spreading the locks across the ground a few times before he gives the hair a small yank near the roots to pull Lya's head back a bit and expose her neck.

 The teen then broke the kiss and moved down towards the now exposed area giving her a small, sweet peck on the jaw in the process before his mind blanks again and his lips lock on the woman's neck kissing it softly before his tongue laps out at the smooth, sweet surface of the No Moon's skin.

Elliot blinked. Somehow he had thought he had her and she would've given in out of embarrassment there. Yet, it seemed like he'd underestimated the woman and again, found himself in a predicament he couldn't back out of. The smile spreading across his face however, showed that this setback was not unwelcome, and the teen lowered himself on top of the No Moon as he softly stroked her cheek. His golden eyes staring into her own as the distance between their lips closed until they could almost touch. It was quickly becoming obvious that any games from before were now forgotten...

"Truer words have never be spoken," he murmured, and closed the last bit of distance to seal the kiss. His right hand straying into the cloud of raven colored locks pooling about the woman's head as the rest of his body instinctively moved to position itself between her legs. Her move.

The Witch's House / Re: Whispers In the Dark [closed]
« on: November 20, 2012, 12:57:32 am »
"Twas mostly the latter my dear, though the former cannot be overlooked," the voice rang back now seemingly free from it's former amusement, "now that yonder beast has been tamed, tis been a tedious affair awaiting my release. My wish was naught but to gaze upon thee and hear thy voice whilst thou gave thy news. Yet, I did not expect thee to show me so much of thyself..."

With that, the shadows waver violently before splitting open showing the familiar figure of the woman's lord sitting on his throne in his usual stance, but looking directly at her with an amused look on his face. "However, twas a grand spectacle indeed. Until next we meet, my priestess."

And with that, the image dissipated like I snuffed flame as the shadow returned to it's natural state. The presence of the lord gone as quickly and silently as it had appeared.

The Witch's House / Re: Whispers In the Dark [closed]
« on: November 17, 2012, 03:59:54 am »
"No no, I merely jest," comes the reply, still in it's amused tone. Almost seeming as though it were hiding a laugh within, "mayhaps it was unamusing? Alas, time runs short. Perhaps it was time we laid bare our business that we might return to our respective preparations?"

As he finishes saying this, the lord chuckles a bit and the shadow seems to waver slightly. Though the chuckle could not be explaind, perhaps the waver is what he meant by "time growing short."

The Witch's House / Re: Whispers In the Dark [closed]
« on: November 17, 2012, 02:59:03 am »
This time, there was a longer silence. Almost worriedly so, but then the voice came forth again, though it sounded a tad strained as if it was holding something back. "I... find no issue with this," the voice begins, "thou hast served me well, thus, hast earned thyself such a prize. The dragon is yours to do with as thou desires. Doest thou wish more of me while we are on the topic? A sponge perhaps?"

By the time the lord finishes, his voice had returned to normal, or perhaps a bit a bit more amused than usual. Perhaps he was mocking her for her request? Since he could not be seen and the shadows provided no clues, it was anyone's guess.

The Witch's House / Re: Whispers In the Dark [closed]
« on: November 17, 2012, 02:13:17 am »
There seemed to be a slight delay, but then the voice came through the shadows calm and clear, "A dragon thou sayest? Tis grand indeed! She shall serve us well! Yet again, thou does not disappoint. Thou art doing well my priestess!"

His tone sounded pleased, almost a bit amused. Yet, it could still be written off as his pleasure at a plan well executed and a job well done at this point.

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