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The young dragon felt the priestess's reaction.  She had not expected Xero to try to speak to her like that, especially in front of the priestess.  She kept quiet and watched knowing that his questions would be answered if he just answered the priestess.  Keeping an eye on the room, she made sure to tend to the fire as needed.

The young dragon followed the priestess her steps light and quick.  When they entered the cave she ran a hand through her hair, melting any snow that had settled itself in her hair.  Settling herself amongst a pelt and blanket that she seemed to have taken claim of.  Settling herself near the fire, as one would expect of her, she kept an eye on it tending to the flame as needed.  She kept herself near the priestess, but still close enough to the other dragon.  Once the pleasantries were done those deep red eyes scanned the faces to see what their answers would be.  She smiled at the question, her mind skipping back for a moment.  As xero entered she motioned for him to sit with a slight twitch as he didn't address the priestess.

Homura gave a small nod at the arrival of the one she had seen before.  As her brother landed her smile changed.  The person she had hoped would hear the call had come.  The warmth coming from the young dragon spread out to make sure her brother was warm, her eyes landing on his.  Remaining quiet for 2 of the figures who had come, she spoke so that only her brother and the priestess might hear her.  "It is good to see you again Jasper.  I have missed you.  It is cold out here, I don't like worrying about if you are cold."  She kept her gaze on him, hoping he would come with them to the cave.

The young girl turned with her sister.  Staying silent she watched the newcomer.  A slight smile on her face while she watched.

The young dragon stood next to the priestess, her own robes covering her.  A light heat radiated from the dragon, keeping the area surrounding the two comfortable.  She wouldn't have either of them being cold.  Eye of blood turned up to meet those of her Onee-san's.  "There are many types on the island.  I'm sure it will draw a cross-section of those here.  I would venture a few guesses, but it will be more exciting to see who comes.  There would be a few I would be interested to see if they hear it."  She smiled lightly turning her gaze out to watch.  There were a few she would certainly be intrigued to see if they came. 

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The young dragon softly followed her sister and master to the lords side.  As she heard Aska's voice in her mind she gave a subtle nod.  A slight smile crept across her lips.  While something in that destructive nature of hers wanted to tear the boy apart if he was disrespectful, but she would abide by the wishes of her master.  She would not let him escape.  The feeling of the strength and clarity the priestess bestowed, left the dragon ready to do whatever she needed to do.  As the boy introduced himself, she kept those eyes of blood on him.

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As the daughter of dark flame took the hand she smiled reading into what her onee-san's smile told her.  As the ache started in her heart, her free hand clenched over it softly.  She could feel the darkfire in her veins attack the strands that remained until they broke.  Stumbling and being caught by the priestess, and the new bond settling over her, her breathing steadied.

Eyes of blood found her new master, mentor, sister.  The darkfire boiling away in her veins bubbled through her.  The pain and fragility surrounding her heart at that instant replaced by a feeling of strenth and ease.  The trust, the strength, the power, all played to the dragon's true nature.  She smiled at her sister, "I am honored to walk beside you.  I hope to see the world for what it is, to learn from it and to grow in it in my true form." 

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« on: January 02, 2013, 11:02:09 pm »
As the lord's face drew closer and closer to hers her instincts were to pull away, and look away.  However unable to do so, merely left her flushing and shaking softly.  The last thing she noticed before the words rang through her was the scent that clung to the lords clothes.  Then she was falling, falling through nothing but black and darkness.

After what seemed like an eternity to the dragon she landed softly on her feet.  Looking around she saw nothing but darkness.  "Hello?"  she called out softly.  Trembeling as she walked a few steps she felt a heat, and like a moth to flame was drawn to it.  As the darkness broke what she saw made her pause for a moment.  A world of black flames, and a dark figure.  Taking a moment to gather her wits she stepped forward, to face the figure.  Standing exactly her height the fire dragon found face to face, with herself.  She stumbled back lightly, her ruby eyes falling on the onyx ones of the other.  "Who....who are you?  You look like me?"

The other form laughed, "I look like you?  Of course I do, I am you, well the real you.  I am your darkness, the daughter of dark flame, the true you."  The black eyes met the widened ones of the dragon.  "You are a dragon, a dragon of fire, there is an inherent destructive nature in you.  Why not embrace who you truly are?"  Behind the dark eyed girl a giant jet black dragon that could easily decimate an armada without a second glance roared, shooting a stream of black fire around the two.  A crooked grin crept across her face as she stepped closer to the fire dragon.  "I do believe it is time for me to make my own appearance.  Power, darkness, destruction, all can and will be ours.  We are not weak, and never will be looked at in that way again."  The dark flames swirled out around the red eyed dragon, dragging her down into an abyss of dark fire.  The last thing she saw was the crooked smile of her dark counterpart.  "Sleep now daughter of flame.  The darkness is not to be feared, but to be embraced, and that is exactly what I plan to do."  Ruby eyes closed as the darkness locked her away in slumber.

As the darkness crumbled away from the young dragon her eyes opened revealing deep blood red irises.  The power coursing through her body, felt right, like it should have always been there.  Daintily she brushed the remaining ash from her kimono, making sure she was presentable for the lord that awakened her true self.  Careful to abide by her training and not meeting the lord’s eyes she took delicate steps towards the two, drawn to the priestess, her Onee-san. 

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« on: January 02, 2013, 09:13:28 pm »
Homura looked into his eyes as her chin was raised.  She heard her sister's words, knowing it was in her training to not meet his eyes without being told too.  As she was instructed she didn't move her eyes from his, despite that initial moment of awkwardness, she wouldn't disobey his words.  As she felt the spark and pulled into the deepening gaze, she felt like the voices she knew were getting further and further away.  Her body slowly fell into the state of immobility her eyes locked on his.  As she heard the new voice in her mind, she knew it sounded familiar.  Though she could not understand it something in her called to listen closely, wanting to know what the whispers meant.

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« on: January 02, 2013, 07:47:33 pm »
Homura nodded lightly at Aska's words, glad to have her big sister there to remind her.  She stood gently, careful to make sure not to cause any wrinkles in her straightened outfit.  Keeping her red eyes lowered she moved delicately towards him. Coming close enough for him to easily see her, better but heeding her sister's words to remain out of his personal space she stood, demur as she could be.  The level of grace in her movements, while not the level of her sister's, showed that she had been practicing, and paying close attention to her studies.  The klutz of a dragon had definitely gained some fluidity to her motions.  Knowing she had not been asked to speak she stayed quiet until that was asked of her.  Waiting to be told to raise her eyes or speak she awaited him too take his closer look.

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« on: December 27, 2012, 09:48:10 pm »
Having listened to the words spoken, and felt the changes in the atmosphere, Homura knew it was the approach of the one Onee-san called her lord.  The young dragon stayed knelt down as taught and instructed by her older sister; careful to follow the practices she had been taught.  With the utmost of respect she kept her head down, being very sure not to raise her eyes to his.  Her hands sat folded delicately in her lap. She spoke softly, though not as quiet to need any strain to hear her, her voice filled with respect and gratitude for the meeting. "It is an honor to be in your prescience sir."

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The young dragon had watched the whole scene, continuing the chatting as long as her onee-san had asked her too.  At the last man's death she had cringed softly, but they had to pay for their sins did they not.  His words towards her big sister had stilled her cringing.  As the objects had been shattered, she watched in awe of her onee-san.  Her eyes sparkled as she watched the pristess work her magic.  As she summonded the man she didn't recognize she stood back from him, sure not to go near him unless it was deemed okay by her onee-san.  Watching the key and the priestess unlock the shadows she felt the air change. 

As the earth rumbled and the wind roared the dragon felt calmer than she would have thought she would have.  As her Onee-san spoke to her she nodded, excited to meet the one that desired to meet her as well.  She swept down to her knees and knealt awaiting his arrival.

Mura sighed lightly and hopped down from the tree trying to be careful of landing on her leg or retearing open her side.  She landed next to the flame and sat down.  "You're strange"  She offered a hand holding a small deep red flame.

Homura eyed the note cautiously wrapping her arm around the more fractrued leg.  "It says it wants to eat my wounds or my fire.  I feel like neither thing is healthy."  Mura spoke only to jasper giving the flame a wary look.

Homura felt the warmth near her side, still baring her fangs at the strange flame, she let out a low growl.  Watching Jasper continue to work on Yume she turned her full attention to the flame.  Back-flipping out of the tree Homura landed on a the ground awkwardly.  A fractured shin from being slammed into the ground repeadedly, shifted as she landed.  Wincing slightly she growled up at the flame, wisps of red flames licking around her body.  Speaking to Jasper in his mind mura growled.  "This drunk flame seems to like me."

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