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Ren jumped back a bit, not sure of what was going to happen.

Ren smiled and looked at the sky. "You can't see anything now. Too sunny." He wrote.

Ren looked at the telescope with one eyebrow raised. He quickly wrote on the piece of paper. "What's it looking for?"

He wrote. "Crazy Ex girlfriend of mine. Then, some witch came, thinking she knew everything about everything, and took her. Haven't seen her since. Was worried at first. Now, not really. Doesn't bother me. Still linked to her, though." He said, showing Shinji the mark on his leg. "Not really stressing. Just don't feel like talking. Too much work. Need help with the telescope?"

Ren looked at the paper and began writing. "Homura and I got into a fight. She left. Haven't seen her since." He wrote, then handed her the paper.

Ren shrugged. He really didn't know anymore.

Ren nodded softly, then smiled.

Ren looked at the telescope, then at the sky, and pointed to it.

Ren appeared next to Shinji, inspecting what he was doing. His eyes scanned the structure carefully, before he looked at Shinji with the tilt of a head.

Ren looked at Shinji, and stood still, watching him put his telescope together.

Ren saw who it was, and jumped from behind his bush. He walked towards Shinji, his knife still in his hands.

The figure moved from the center, to a far side of the roof, a knife in his hand, ready to attack if need be. He held his breath, knowing it would be visible, and possibly give his location.

The wind blew, and on the whispers of the wind, a figure appeared on the roof of the school. His eyes scanned the area before he moved. He went to the center of the roof before looking to the sky and chuckling slightly.

O'raion Mountains / Remembrance and Returns.
« on: December 23, 2012, 12:54:49 am »
Atop a mountain, a lone ninja stood, the wind blowing in his hair. He looked at the island below, and a multitude of flashbacks hit him. His meeting with Shinji and Homura. His imprint. Everything. He stretched slightly, glad to be back. He went back to his own universe for a while, and it was good to be back. He sat down, and his eyes fell on his leg. At the mark Homura gave him. He stared at it for a bit, and disappeared into the trees below.

"Homura left." He said, shaking his head.

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