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Approved Characters / Re: Elyana Romanov
« on: December 19, 2012, 06:58:44 pm »
Until further notice (like after the arc with Kazuma is done), Elyana and Elliot will be back home, burying a member of their pack and doing a bit of training and such. It's likely Jess will not be available at that time, as well.

Housing Area / Re: Blow Me One Last Kiss [open-ish]
« on: December 04, 2012, 11:42:19 pm »
Dressed very casually in her jeans and pullover, all that dark hair pulled back away from her eyes, she looked over her shoulder at him. She shrugged, currently hanging the ornate shelf that would hold figurines she'd collected from a young age. "I wanted to get it done fast, and I didn't like the idea of bothering you with it, cher. It's my pain in the a$$ to deal with. Besides, it's not that hard for me. That supernatural strength has to be good for somethin'." Her Southern accent was suspiciously thick, though why was hard to pinpoint. She looked at him steadily, her brow raised. "You gonna fuss at me more, or help me out with this?" She leaned over, brushing her lips over his cheek in a silent apology.

It seemed the No Moon shifted in her mood as rapidly as mercury, as she went pliant beneath Elliot, almost submissive in his arms, when just earlier she'd been aggressive and dominant. Her head went where he jerked it, making a soft sound in her throat. That sound turned into a whimper as he kissed and traced with his tongue. Her fingers combed and tugged in his own golden mane, though the tugging is more erratic. It's reactionary, instead of purposeful. Her nails scrape over his scalp. She seemed willing, even hoping, to be lead wherever would please him.

Her lips curved slightly beneath his before the kiss was sealed. Always underestimating her. It was fine, in the end. He never completely underestimated her when it was important. It only seemed to happen when it was most fun. Her mouth moved avidly beneath his, the No Moon's hands raising to twine themselves in the loose locks of his hair.

As instinctively as his body placed itself, her own moved to welcome him in it's way, one knee bending as the foot placed itself flat. Curves molded to angles and bodies fit not unlike puzzle pieces. Lya's cinnamon toothpaste still lingered in warmth on her tongue as it licked delicately into his mouth to tease at Elliot's, reminiscent of the coy and playful attitude she'd had as a wolf. Perhaps further instinct? Forests were definitely a thing.

Amber eyes aware, she watched as Elliot crawled towards her. She had moments to decide on her course of action, and in the end, she chose to go with instinct. That was the lesson, in the end. She moved with him, leaning back as he came above her. "Practice does make perfect, hmm?" She leaned up slightly, nipping at his jaw.

Ely leaned back, then allowed herself to relax onto her back. The No Moon looked up at the man above her, and somewhere, she'd set aside the game. Her words were flirtatious, teasing, but it wasn't a game. It was fun, being playful. His move.

Lya gazed, lips parted slightly in surprise, at him. A shapely raven brow arched high toward her hairline, her amber eyes meeting his playful ones. Her eyes narrowed playfully, challenging. He'd decided he was going to do this one. Just another form of Chicken. The No Moon had always been fairly adept at this game.

The corner of her mouth tipped into a half smile, her head tilting just slightly. Her gaze meandered from his eyes to his mouth, then flicked back to his eyes. Lya leaned forward, almost seeming as if she'd kiss him, but she turned her mouth aside to whisper in his ear, her lips just barely brushing the curvature of the auditory feature. "Well, you might find yourself very focused on your senses around a certain person. Their scent, how they taste. Sensory input becomes more memorable than any other sort of information. Smell, hearing, touch or taste. Unforgettable."

She sat back, a slow smile curving her lips. "That's just one of the effects." She said, golden eyes glowing slightly. His move.

The No Moon's eyes crossed playfully. She pointed at the crossed eyes. "If they get stuck like this, it's your fault." She made a show of knocking either side of her head, and they uncrossed, one at a time. She gave a giant mock sigh of relief before she dissolved into giggles. Still smiling merrily, she tried to find the exact place she should start.

Her brow furrowed, as she tried to consider it. " not make anything easy, my love. You're going to find that the instincts of the other side of you are going to get stronger and stronger. It will begin to make hunting and tracking much easier. Though, there are certainly other instincts that will be likely to get your attention, as well." 

Lya had said the last part as delicately as she could. And she prayed he'd pick up the subtext within it. Because in no way could she go further into it, without touching on her own experiences. And that would just be embarassing. It was never so bad with the other young changers she'd den mothered, but then, she'd also never been rolling in bed with them. Though part of her knew she'd have to be prepared for odd questions.

Housing Area / Blow Me One Last Kiss [open-ish]
« on: November 15, 2012, 06:52:39 am »
It hadn't taken Ely much time to find the sort of house she'd wanted. She'd never been one to drag her feet, and when Gregor didn't come back after the three days, it really had been the last straw. On the flash of temper, she packed what little she'd had at his house. The very next day, she'd looked over the houses in the area.

Now, that day, she moved her furniture into the new house. It hadn't been hard to get her things from back home, and have them expedited. At this point, music pumped through the house. White knuckles and sweaty palms from hanging on too tight. Clenched shut jaw, I've got another headache again tonight. Eyes on fire, eyes on fire, and they burn from all the tears I've been crying, I've been crying, I've been dying over you.  Tie a knot in the rope, tryin' to hold, tryin' to hold. But there's nothing to grasp so I let go. Ely focused, occasionally singing along with the lyrics that were a bit too true.

I think I've finally had enough, I think I maybe think too much. I think this might be it for us (blow me one last kiss). You think I'm just too serious, I think you're full of ****. My head is spinning so (blow me one last kiss). Just when it can't get worse, I've had a **** day (NO!) Have you had a **** day? (NO!), we've had a **** day (NO!). I think that life's too short for this. I want back my ignorance and bliss. I think I've had enough of this, blow me one last kiss.

I won't miss all of the fighting that we always did. 
Take it in. I mean what I say when I say there is nothing left. No more sick whiskey d***, no more battles for me.
As if she'd focused in on the lyrics, Ely's voice raised, singing along with the artist. Cathartic it was, and the remote is picked up, the volume raising higher. She'd raged, and cried alone. And was done with both. She was finally ready to set aside the past.

Lya shook her head, face still buried against his shoulder. There was no way she was sharing that thought with him. Slowly, the color faded from her face, but she still avoided his eyes for the moment. She doesn't pull away from the Crescent Moon, remaining curled against him.

She smiled, and in a bid to get him away from the subject, she turned that sweet smile on him. "Anything you're curious about with being a wolf? Any questions, cher?" She asked, eyes on his face as her head rested against him.

Approved Characters / Re: Ryuuga Sakamoto
« on: November 11, 2012, 02:09:39 am »
Having had my questions answered, I am fine with approving this character.

Ely chuckled, leaning into his arms. "Too true. Didn't know if you'd guess after the answer so quickly." She nuzzled her face into his neck, kissing the curve. The wounds on either side of his neck were gone, courtesy of the heightened healing they did. Her hand raised, the fingertips brushing over where the wounds had been.

She looked at him, nuzzling nose to nose sweetly. "Just remember, that's how you get back to this form. Remember the reasons that this form is yours. Remember why you want to come back to it. Hold onto that, cher. It'll always bring you back." She leaned into him, curling with him a bit more. A bond made. Those instincts made the No Moon even more of cuddler than she already was.

"You'll need a bit of training to get used to your form, and what it can do. Your resiliency is heightened, as is your stamina. Likely, your strength will be heightened. Your senses will be something that will both delight you and disgust you. You might be amazed at how many terrible odors there are out there. And your sense of smell will find them all." She laughed soflty as she laid her head on his shoulder. Her laughter trailed off as a thought struck her. It made her blush red to the roots of her hair. She hid her face in his shoulder to shield the reaction.

The lessons of becoming a wolf. Everyone had to learn them. It wouldn't be the first time she watched a newly changed young wolf get unexpected and painful results, and it sure wouldn't be the last time. Den Mothers saw a lot of it. She kept going, slowing her speed more purposefully. She took it as a chance to give herself a bit of a break. She kept her quiet wuffle to herself, so as not to embarrass him.

Still, when he blasts past her, it doesn't truly surprise her. She'd slowed her speed, but hadn't accounted for his being fairly fresh. His pounce barrels her over. Her tail beat the ground as he licked her muzzle, and her own canine grin matched his. She licked his cheek, playfully snuffling his ear.

"Now it's time for the interesting part. Trying to get you back to your original form." Lya shifted back into her own body, still laying semi curled with the golden wolf. Her scent didn't change, still the forest and rain with vanilla interlaced. Burying her face in his fur for a moment, the No Moon ruffled up his ears playfully.

"So, what's the best incentive you can figure to get you back into that form of yours?" She asked him, leaning back and looking at the wolf.

The wolf kept looking back over her shoulder, watching him. Her tongue lolled in it's canine grin, and her tail whisked the air happily like a furry metronome. Once she saw him shift completely, that tail wagged harder. She yipped softly, picking up her pace. Their chase wasn't done yet.

She would, however, tire long before he would. He was working off of the adrenaline of his first real change, and with a fresh body, while she had kept her form the entire time, and hadn't stopped moving. She'd barely slowed in that time. Slowly, Lya had begun losing her speed. He'd have estimated that they been running full out together for about 20 miles. Lya had been doing that more even longer by herself.

Still, her loss of speed had the ability to bring her more than within his reach for a nip at her hindquarters, or for him to come alongside her or even pounce on her, though that might end up being messy with both running in a sprint. He's also fairly sure that she knows he's close, simply because occasionally, her tail wags and the fur brushes his muzzle lightly.

He could follow her scent trail easy. She didn't mask her scent as a wolf, though she's difficult to track visually. Her paws leave no markings in the ground, no snapped twigs or other tell tale signs. He dashes off to find that the woman hasn't gone far. Chase was no fun, after all, if someone wasn't following.

She stays ahead of him, just out of reach. Her form could run at ground eating speeds for miles before it grew tired. That midnight plume whisks the air, held high at a jaunty, happy angle. Forest, vanilla, rain. That maddening scent kept floating back to cloud inside Elliot's head. She scampers, she teases as a wolf might. The instincts in his head tell him exactly what all her movements mean.

Approved Characters / Re: Ryuuga Sakamoto
« on: November 08, 2012, 01:55:04 pm »
By my eyes, there are a few too many powers all together. It's a bit overwhelming. A little bit too much, I think. On this one, I'd like to see the other admins weigh in, as well. I can't really find a place to cut off. Anyone have any ideas?

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