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Approved Characters / Ryuuga Sakamoto
« on: November 08, 2012, 05:16:53 am »
Name: Ryuuga Sakamoto

Age: 18
Gender: Male


Limit Form:

Bio: Ryuuga was a great keyblade wielder and one of the combatants in the legendary keyblade war. He fought valiantly, even after his armor was completely destroyed, until he was struck by a warp spell that banished him from the battlefield to the world of Oraion Academy. Upon arriving at the school, Ryuuga tried to return to his own world first. However, since this happened before the invention of the gummi ship and the armor that allowed him to survive in the space between worlds was destroyed, he found that he was stranded, even though he found the lock to Oraion's door and opened it to allow travel to and from that world.

In the end, Ryuuga stayed at Oraion and attended classes. Eventually maxing out his skill with his keyblade and sealing it away within himself as he moved on to a new weapon; the gunblade. Though in the process, he created a Limit Form where he could once again access his old skills if need be. After 3 years at the academy, the young man went out to explore the world and get to know his new home, thus, he has yet to complete his fourth year of schooling. Now, he has returned to finish what he started at the school and see how things have changed in the years since he'd left.


Blazing Gunner - His default style; he combines the explosions of the gunblade and explosive/fire magic to gain devastating results in battle.

- Gunblade Only:
-- Rough Divide - The user fires the gunblade away from the opponent riding the recoil to deliver a devastating slash to the opponent upon reaching them.
-- Fated Circle - The user spins in a circle surrounding themselves with pulsing energy orbs that can reflect incoming weak magic attacks before pulling the trigger to detonate them and blasting back anything that's too close.
-- Blasting Zone - The user extends the gunblade into the air as a pillar of energy extends from it greatly lengthening the blade, then the weapon is swung down slaming the energy into a target and blasting them into the ground.
-- Revolver Drive - A piercing attack where the gunblade is charged with energy and stabbed into the opponent. The opponent is then pushed back through the environment for 3 posts ((Though the user can end it early if they wish)) taking continual damage until the trigger is finally pulled launching them away in the resulting explosion.

- Default spells:
-- Fire - Fires a basic fireball at the foe that explodes on contact.
-- Fira - Fires a more powerful fireball at the foe that makes a bigger explosion on contact.
-- Firaga - Fires a large fireball at the foe that explodes like a room-destroying bomb on contact.
-- Fire Circle - Creates 3 basic fireballs to revolve around the user.

Limit Form - In this drive form, Ryuuga's sealed keyblade is released along with much of the magic that was sealed with it. He also gains access to command styles that further augment his abilities and arsenal of skills if he fulfills the conditions required for him to activate them.

- Base Style - Has all skills he did with his default style, but with the addition of the following:
-- Fission Firaga - launches a firaga that explodes in a less powerful explosion than the original spell, yet has a larger blast radius to increase the potential of cathing other targets in the blast. Works best in group battles.
-- Mine Square - Surrounds the user with rows of mine-like traps that explode when touched. Once triggered, they stun the opponent for a short time (1 post) leaving them open to further attacks (as long as they're quick).
-- Fire Surge - The user dashes forward as a ring of fire orbits them damaging any foes in their path.
-- Firaga Break - Focuses the power of a firaga into a weapon and slams it full force into a target for more focused, yet still devastating results.
-- Firaga Burst - Fires a Firaga into the air which then fires multiple fireballs down onto the battlefield.

- Firestorm - Activated by landing 3 fire-type attacks. The user becomes cloaked in flames and every attack becomes a Fire Strike. The user also moves at a slightly faster pace ((Speed x1.5)) and leaves a trail of fire behind them whenever they perform a quick maneuver. If the user does not land 3 more attacks before 5 posts are up, then they will revert back to their base form. The user of this form is limited to the following spells:
-- Firaga - (See above)
-- Fire Surge - (See above)
-- Fire Circle - (See above)
-- Triple Firaga - The user rapid fires 3 slightly homing firagas at their opponent dealing high damage to them if they hit, BUT the spells are slowed down in order for them to home in on their target better, thus, making the skill easy to block/avoid if the target takes reliable cover.

- Burning Impulse - One of Ryuuga's unique command styles activated after landing 3 hits while in the Firestorm command style. It looks similar to Terra's Dark Impulse, but with flames covering his arm instead of darkness. His fighting style becomes more firece like the flames that he wields and has all the abilities and spells of the Firestorm style along with the addition of gliding, increased speed and power ((Strength and Speed x2)), Ryuuga's most powerful fire spells, and a grand finishing spell to end the command style. Lasts 5 posts.
-- Fire Glide - Allows the user to travel long distances in the air with a firey aura around them that burns anything that gets too close.
-- Flash Burn - Once Burning Impulse ends, Ryuuga WILL end with this spell if able. In a combination of Firestorm's finisher and Dark Impulse's finisher, Ryuuga floats into the air for a moment before plunging his keyblade into the ground landing in a kneeling position. A large area of the ground around Ryuuga will then begin to glow before erupting into a blast of flames devastating the area and anyone caught within it as the blast goes off. Once the blast is over, Ryuuga will stand, back in his base Limit Form and likely revert to his normal form with the gunblade as if his target is hit by this, it will likely K.O. them if not kill them unless they have a pretty strong barrier to endure the blast. However, there is time to escape the skill as it takes 2 posts ((One to initiate the spell, the next to charge the ground with energy)) to do the skill and Ryuuga cannot do any other attacks within that time. Interrupting the attack is only possible before the keyblade is lodged into the ground by deflection. However, this will cause the energy to be released in a large blast in the direction that the keyblade was deflected in so if you choose to do this, then proceed with care. Once the keyblade has been plunged into the ground, it will be sealed there until the spell is complete.

Burning Valor Form - Not so much of a transformation as it is specialized dual-wielding. Ryuuga trades the ability to use most of his spells and skills in order to wield his keyblade and his gunblade at the same time. However, the keyblade is wreathed in an explosive energy that compliments the gunblade's fighting style making for a quick and dangerous combination that is sure to send any unwary opponent flying ((Speed x3)).

Likes: Relaxation, exploration, enjoying the good times while they last, making new memories, a challenge in battle every now and then.

Dislikes: Thinking about his past, anything involving keyblades (because they bring up his past), annoyances that won't leave him be when he wants to relax.

Classes: N/A

Clubs/activities: N/A

Class Rep: N/A

Year: 4

Equipment: Gunblade (Classic), Keyblade (Custom design, I call it the Ninetails. By trading some of his physical strength, it has the ability to increase his mana pool for spell casting when he uses it ((Energy to use Ability x2, Strength x1/2)) )

Stats: 800
Strength- 100
Speed- 100
Intelligence- 100
Energy to use Ability- 200
Stamina- 80
Martial Arts Skills- 60
Equipment Skills- 160

Georgie could barely keep up with Elliot as his feet aimlessly lead him here to the training field. The teen had only been here once while he was exploring the island, but he knew it's purpose and he needed to go wild. The teen began to glow yellow as he glared stomping right up to a row of training mannequins used to practice precision strikes and agility.

"HAAA!!!" The teen yelled and kicked the first one square in the chest ((Strength x2 = 60)). The mannequin didn't stand a chance as it went flying into the others in the row shattering them into splintered wood and saw dust before it slammed into the ground hard gouging out a trench before stopping there stuck in the dirt. The teen grit his teeth at the destruction and lowered his head, "Tch! It's not enough..." Elliot then began looking around for something else to break while his mind sorted through the tangled mess of emotions in his head.

Elliot stood at the top of the cliff frowning as he stared out at the sea. He wasn't sure why he came here, he just kind of felt as though he needed to be there, and he'd been standing there for a while staring at the sea as though looking for a sign, a hint, anything pointing to why he thought he couldn't leave.

 Finding nothing, the boy eventually lowered his head and began to think. "Why am I out here?" He asked himself. George #3 nuzzled against his left ankle and looked up at him in confusion. The teen just chuckled and kneeled down to pet the bird as another salty breeze blew by. He didn't know whay he was here, but he had the feeling that he'd find out soon.

Summaries and Logs. / Elliot's Log
« on: October 25, 2012, 09:44:46 pm »
Subject: Elliot Miyura[10/25/2012]

From the moment Elliot appeared on campus, he's been causing trouble. In his first week on campus, he damaged school property multiple times, infuriated a teacher, befriended the same teacher shortly afterwards, and generally did whatever he pleased. Somehow, the teen befriended many other students during his first month on campus. Most notable of which was Yume, a young woman with the ability to summon creatures. The woman seemed to be attracted to the teen, a fact the teen distrusted due to his past experiences with women. Eventually however, romance died out before it had the chance to blossom as Yume mysteriously disappears. For a while, Elliot was panicked about the fate of his lost friend, but once he'd received a letter explaining that it was a transfer, the teen sighed and bid her farewell moving on with his life...

-A Blast from the Past ((A "Family" Reunion -> Yo Pup -> Family Affair))-

...Or so he thought. Completely out of nowhere, his cousins Gregor and Jessica Nye and childhood friend Elyana Romanov enrolled in the school as teachers totally throwing the teen for a loop. These people were a part of a mysterious clan that Elliot was born into that had many strange abilities. The clan had shunned Elliot as a child, thus, he'd hoped he'd never see them again when he moved away from them years ago. Yet, here they were, back in his life yet again. And as though that weren't confusing enough, they invited him to the pack that they were forming and actually began training him in the ways of the Crescent Moon branch of the clan, the part that Elliot was a part of, yet never knew the workings of! The teen enjoyed this new side to his cousins and the training and revalations provided by Ely (such as the fact that the previously inept Elliot MAY have had some of the abilities that he was previously shunned for not having!), yet, all was not well. His new pack was a lot different from before, most notably Elyana who was a LOT darker than she was in the past. Elliot was so happy about being with his new family and learning about his heritage that he didn't notice right away, but events would soon occur that would bring the flaws of his "happy family" to the fore...

-A Pack of Problems ((Protecting the Pack -> Regrouping and Becoming a Problem -> Elliot's favorite place))-

One random day, Elliot heard the call of his cousin Gregor summoning him to Silver City. Seeing as the wolf didn't call him often, Elliot decided to answer the call. Little did he know that he would be sucked into a battle with Yuji's forces. A battle that could have easily gotten him killed for reasons he did not understand. After they retreated, the teen found himself facing another battle; with Gregor. His older cousin spat vicious accusations at the teen about how he had endangered the pack during the fight in Silver City and that he was keeping secrets about Ely that neither he NOR the woman in question could account for. Hurt and confused, the teen was forced to flee from his enraged cousin retreating to a hangout spot he'd claimed for himself long before his pack had arrived. Joined shortly afterwards by Elyana, Elliot and the woman shared a blessing from an ancient spirit that wached over the teen for a long time before they began discussing his cousin. There, it was revealed that all was not well between Ely and Gregor, but, deciding to stick up for his blood, Elliot tried to convince Elyana that things with Gregor would improve. That was when the teen realized that he too had feelings for he and Gregor's childhood friend, and he fled from her leaving her behind before she could pick up on his feelings and make matters worse between the 3 of them.

-Recuperation ((Open Challenge -> Deep into the Mountains -> Grand Tour))-

Still thrown for a loop about discovering his feelings, Elliot decided to distract himself by focusing on something else; his weakness. The teen had spent most of his life training in order to earn respect and that had not changed since he arrived on the island. Being constantly exposed to so many others that were so much stronger than him made the teen painfully aware of his inadequacy and he'd been training non-stop in order to close the gap between himself, and everyone around him (in his eyes). First, he decided to test himself with an open sparring session. unfortunately for him, only one person showed up; Ankoki Kyo. This person was one of the worst possible people that the teen could've faced, yet, the teen somehow managed to keep up with her, and even press her a bit before he was soundly defeated. Not long after that, he had his second encounter with the Kyos in the form of Leon when he'd gone in search of a teacher. Once again, the teen did surprisingly well before losing, but lose he did. Fortunately however, he'd impressed Leon enough in the process that he'd earned himself a teacher! And his luck continued to turn on the upside as he met Niha and Sayi; 2 friends of his that he'd met while living in Japan that were now attending the school with him! The trio went on a short tour of the school ending in a quick jaunt at the beach before the teen finally returned to his dorm. There, a pleasant surprise awaited him that was the perfect thing to help him overcome the emotions brought up by the events that had happened only about a month prior. Now renewed and reinvigorated with a new sidekick, the teen prepares to face a new day and any challenges that they may set before him.

This was the next place Elliot could think of that was still safe to show off. Sure, there were a few craters here originally, but they were quickly filled in since the attack 1 month prior. Elliot walked out onto the beach and took a deep breath of salty sea air before turning around to wait for Niha and Sayi to catch up. Sayi had stuck right behind him so he caught up just fine, so now they were waiting for Niha.

O'raion Forest / Elliot's Favorite Place
« on: October 16, 2012, 12:39:52 am »
A semi-large, area in the forest marked by a fist print in the trees at the edge of the circular area. As one ventures deeper into the area, they can see signs of training and meditation. Rarely at first, but more and more often as one ventured deeper into the circular area. Finally, at the center of the area, there's a large clearing with a camp set up complete with a first aid kit, a medium sized tent, exercise equipment and even a mini fridge hooked up to solar powered generator ((don't ask how Elliot got it)). Whether it be training, or just lounging around. Most of the time, Elliot can be found here almost as often as he can be found in his room.

Dojo / Open Challenge (Totally open)
« on: October 10, 2012, 03:07:21 pm »
Elliot entered an empty room in the dojo with training shoes, training gloves, loose kung-fu pants, and a plain white tank-top. His training was going slow so he decided to take matters into his own hands, with this being his first plan of action; a total brawl. The teen dug into one of his pockets pulling out a long-tailed headband that read "guts" and tied it around his head tightly before smirking.

"It shouldn't be long now...," Elliot mumbled to himself thinking of how he asked Ventus to do a fly-over of the school grounds dropping fliers of his challenge all around the school grounds. He chuckled a bit and tapped his foot in excitement and impatients as he awaited his potential challengers who should've been showing up any minute now...

O'raion Forest / A Test of Strength (10/25 Afternoon -Around 2-3pm- Open)
« on: September 19, 2012, 03:54:51 pm »'raion-academy-island/a-'family'-reunion-(-1025-closed-ish-noon-ish)/      ((<--- What happened before this.))

Elliot heads deep into the forest gasping for breath after his long, tense trip here. He had to be very careful not to let his super-charged left hand touch anything along the way, but he somehow managed to make it to O'raion forest without a hitch. The teen then stopped to look around the surrounding area.

"Haah... haah... this should be far enough...," he said after confirming no one was around, but then he felt a sharp pain in his side and collaped to one knee gritting his teeth to hold back a cry of pain. "Oh, right, I have at least 1 **** rib. I'd better take care of this quickly so I can go heal up...," he thought.

After taking a moment to catch his breath, the teen stood up again and started walking towards a nearby tree. "If I focus the energy onto this one tree, it should minimize the damage to the surroundings right?" He thought to himself.

Chat it up / Phail-Phan Tournament
« on: August 25, 2012, 09:17:02 pm »
*The lights are turned low as I stand in the middle of a boxing ring in a referree outfit. Suddenly, a mic drops from the infinite darkness above me as I calmly raise one hand and catch it. A grin then appears on my face as I stomp the ring dramatically causing fireworks to explode from the posts in the corners. Then I yell into the microphone.*

HELLO THERE FELLOW RPERS!!! Are you bored of your current rps? Do the crawling stories dragging you down? Do you wish you could just cut the stories altogether and just beat someone's face in? Well I haveta say... you need some psychiatric help--

*Suddenly I'm buried in random foods and snacks as the crowd boos. For a moment, the pile looks as though it would be my grave, but then it explodes as i burst out as a super saiyan sending the food flying back into the crowd's face.*


*I blink as I remember why I'm here and clear my throat.*

*Ahem.* Err... right... If your looking for a more battle oriented RP, then DO I KNOW THE PLACE FOR YOU!!!

*I raise my hand as the lights come on revealing a huge board behind me.*

THE PHAIL-PHAN TOURNAMENT FORUM!!! Here, you can create a character with whatever powers you'd like in order to do battle with friends, rivals, and foes alike! Do you want fame? Do you want fortune? Do you want power? All of that and more can be attained at the multiverse's GREATEST TOURNAMENT!!! Are you interested? GOOD!!! Then follow this link in order to sign up now for the beta testing of this awesome forum!!! And if you prove yourself worthy enough, you may receive the greatest reward of all; the chance to become an Immortal and gain a role in one of the many stories to be created and pulished by the up-and-coming Phail-Phan Productions! So do YOU think your up for the challenge? Then sign up now and MAY THE BEST MAN WIN!!!!

*The spotlight shines down on me as I point into the air and the crowd goes into a deafening roar.*

Boys Dorm Rooms / Room 502
« on: August 10, 2012, 08:49:11 pm »
This is the room of Elliot Miyura. Walking from the entrance down a short hallway past the bedroom, one would enter the main room/bedroom. It's a smaller, cozy room with posters of strong men taped to the walls for inspiration and role models. There are a few dumbells in a corner of the room next to a punching bag that is propped up against the wall on top of a mat that seems as though it's meant to be used for workouts, yet the gear still seems new, minus the punching bag. Next to the corner of work out gear, there is a wooden desk with various books, papers, and magazines arranged in a messy, but organized fashion. On the left edge of the desk, there is an alarm clock which sits jusst out or reach form the bed, which was never made.

Besides 3 **** magazines hidden under the mattress ((Shhh! >.<)) and a strangly out-of-place stuffed animal ((a chocobo plushie about 10 inches tall kept in various places in the room depending on the day. Mostly on or around the bed though...)), there's nothing much to see in the room. It looks like it belongs to a typical, albeit overly-macho guy ((until one looks closer that is...)).

Other than that, there is a small bathroom to the left in the hallway immediately upon entering and a closet on the wall to the right of the workout gear where Elliot keeps a microwave and a mini-fridge next to a small, 2 drawer dresser full of snacks of various types. I may or may not draw a picture of all of this in the future if my description still seems wonky. <.<

Btw, the room has a hardwood floor and the whole theme is a sort of warm, gentle feel. lots of soft yellows and oranges. >.>

Sign up / Kazuma Edilos & Daemos
« on: July 28, 2012, 01:31:44 am »
Name: Kazuma Edilos / Daemos

Age: Unknown / Unknown
Gender: Male / Unknown




Bio: Kazuma was once a being of great power known and feared long before the time of the Shadow of the World. As one of the 5 Divine Lords of his time, his powers were matched only by the other lords. Instead of ruling from on high as they did letting his power and body grow atrophy along with theirs, the lord descended upon the world in order to rule directly. Needless to say, he quickly succeeded in his goals. And despite the terror of his reign, the world ironically attained a state of peace and order, as none would dare to defy the dark lord...

That is, until the other divine lords intervened. Frowning upon Kazuma's actions, his brethren descended upon him engaging him in a battle that nearly destroyed the planet. Unable to stand against the might of all 4 of his brethren on his own, Kazuma eventually fell and was sealed away in a humbled stone tower; all that remained of the great castle that once stood at the heart of his kingdom. The 4 divine lords blessed the tower placing many wards on it in order to keep the dark lord's minions away as they placed a special seal on the lord himself keeping him there. And took away the artifacts that allowed him to wield his devastating power. It was there that the lord remained, fuming, plotting his vengence and awaiting the day that he would return with bated breath. Now, centuries after his betrayal, his return finally draws near... /

Wha... where am I? Who am I? What is this place? There's nothing but darkness here... it feels so welcoming... so inviting... it's swallowing me whole...

There isss another here... sssomeone I know well... he isss also attuned to the dark... he must die! I won't allow him to steal the darknessss!!! No, wait, that isn't right... he issss master... I must ssserve him... it is my job to ssssee him happy... it is my purpossse to see him pleased...

Ability: Complete and utter mastery and control over the forces of darkness and shadows / Shadow melding, manipulation, manifestation, replication, etc...

Likes: Things moving according to plan, people he can trust and count on to get things done / Kazuma's pleasure

Dislikes: Being sealed away, things getting in his way / Kazuma's displeasure

Equipment: An ornate, silver rapier fit for a lord such as himself / Any darkness and/or shadows in it's vicinity can become it's weapon(s).

Spoiler (hover to show)

Stats: 2500 / 2500
strength-                      600 / 200
speed-                        1000 / 500
intelligence-                  400 / 80
energy to use ability-       0 / 1000
stamina-                       100 / 500
martial arts skills-         100 / 0
equipment skills-          300 / 220

Approved Characters / Elliot Miyura
« on: July 28, 2012, 12:36:56 am »
Name: Elliot Miyura

Age: 18
Gender: Male

 (What he TRIES to look like:)

(What he REALLY looks like:)

Bio:     Elliot was a normal, albeit girly-looking, guy in his previous school. Due to his girly looks however, he was constantly harassed by girls that wanted to dress him up like a girl for fun (when he was younger, now they don't approach him due to his bad reputation) and guys that thought he was easy prey (bullys basically). Being surprisingly manly for his looks, he wasn't the type to go down easy, thus he got into numerous fights earning him a reputation as a delinquent. During this time, he discovered his hidden abilities and tried to keep them hidden, only using them when he had to... until a certain incident where he sent a waiter through a wall cuz he'd pi.ssed Elliot off. In the end, Elliot was sent to Oraion Academy by his parents and his previous school in order to learn to better control his abilities and try to redeem himself. All he wants however, is to have a nice, peaceful school life and  to be left alone.

Elliot is also the younger cousin of Gregor and Jessica Nye from a weaker branch of the main clan, thus, is also treated poorly by them due to his lower status. At the same time however, they are still family and he does seem to show a familial love for them as they do for him. One wouldn't really be able to see this fact right away if they were to watch how the family bickers and fights almost every time they come together though. >.>

Abilities: Impact Manipulation (kinetic/potential energy manipulation, basically what he does is he can increase or decrease his own kinetic or potential energy as he sees fit. He can also do the same with a person's, or an object's kinetic or potential energy as long as he is physically touching his target with his own body.), Spirit Manipulation (More like teaming up with various spirits to harness the power of their elements for various purposes.), Advanced Healing
List of Spirts Elliot can team up with:
- Ignis - Fire Spirit - Low Class
- Ventus - Wind Spirit - Low Class
- Aqua - Water Spirit - Mid Class
- Sangre - Blood Spirit - Demon Class
- Yggdrasil - Nature Spirit - Divine Class

Likes: Respect, friendly spars, being allowed to be himself, birds (especially baby or yellow birds), his cousins

Dislikes: Being treated how he looks, bullies, divas, scary places/things, his cousins (it's a tsundere thing. Lol! xD)

Classes: Melee Weaponry 1, Marksmanship 1, Survival 1, Melee Combat 1, Tech Class 1

Clubs/Activities: N/A

Class Rep: N/A (Idk o.o)

Year: 1st Year

Equipment: Double Impact - a pair of gloves given to him by his cousin Gregor that doubles the power of his Impact manipulation.

((basically, when a multiplier is used, it is multiplied again by 2. Which is base strength x amplification level x 2 (gloves) = strength equivalence. For ex: 20 x2 x2 = 80 with the gloves instead of it being 20 x2 = 40 without them. Speed is unaffected by the multiplication of the gloves unless Elliot uses them to launch himself at a target.))

Stats: 305
strength- 30 (can be multiplied in short bursts through use of his ability)
speed- 40 (can be multiplied in short bursts through use of his ability)
intelligence- 40
energy to use ability- 70
stamina- 50
martial arts skills- 60
equipment skills- 20

(Elliot's ability works by increasing or decreasing potential energy in order to increase or decrease damage dealt or received respectively. The way this works is by adding multipliers to his stats for one move (for ex: adding a x2 multiplier to strength for one punch to strengthen it or adding a 1/8 multiplier to weaken it). As we rp, I will specify which multiplier is being used per move in order to clarify how much power is in the move. Below I will list the energy/stamina needed in order to use each multiplier:

** = Strength *** = Speed
x2** & x1.5*** = 2 points/  x3** & x2*** = 4 points/   x4** & x3*** = 10 points/   x5** & x4*** = 20 points/   x6** & x5***= 30 points/   x7** & x6*** = 40 points/    x8** & x7*** = 60 points/    x9** & x8*** = 80 points/    x10** & x9*** = 100 points*

With glove on, his strength is further multiplied by 2 AFTER the initial buff. Speed is unaffected unless Elliot uses the gloves to launch himself at his target. In which case, that gets doubled too. To simplify things in the future, I will state Elliot's new strength and speed levels for that attack as we rp alongside the multiplier used at that time.

Weakening modifiers stack at a rate of x1/10th at the cost of 2 points per post of sustained contact between Elliot and his target and stop stacking once contact between Elliot and his target is broken. Then, the target is weakened by that amount until they finish 1 attack, but his/her strength then returns to normal afterwards. This makes Elliot's draining ability highly impractical. As for why that is, you can figure that out on your own. <:D

Elliot's debuff is also doubled to 1/5th at the cost of 2 points per post of sustained contact with his gloves on making it more practical for use. BWAHAHAAA!!! >:D

*=may be edited later for practicality.

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