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nera sits with sienna on a cliff overhanging the sea. the water reflects the setting sun, the sky is painted in color. peaceful moments are rare to come by, and with recent events and events to come, they both needed one.

Demon/Gods/Spirits Index / notte nera
« on: July 17, 2012, 06:32:36 pm »
Name: notte nera
place(s) of origin: hell

class alone: C
class Bonded: S
Bio: note nera is a low level parasite type demon. he has bonded to a host, and although he seems to give her alot of strength, he is the one relying on hers. seperaited, hes nothing special, but with her, they are a force to be feared. the demon himself is charasmatic, and knows just what to say to get his way.
notte nera consumes souls, and draws strength from them. if he is able to build up souls, not only will the pair become stronger, he will be stronger even alone.
Abilities: become one with hosts blood, create weapons and armor both on and under the hosts skin (think chronas black blood), shape shift. when alone, he can do the same, but is weaker by alot
Strengths: when bonded, he can make himself and his host all but invincible. defence, power, and speed are boosted exponentially for the pair
Weaknesses: without host, he is a low class weakling

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