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Housing Area / Surunu Temple.
« on: February 02, 2013, 01:59:30 pm »
A ancient Temple home to the Surunus, Notai's family. Located somewhere in china.

Rules/Announcements / Kurei and Notai remade.
« on: January 30, 2013, 06:56:47 pm »
I'm apology if I posting in wrong thread >.< you can move it to correct section.

I remade both kurei and notai into npcs, their purpose is only to the storyline, so yeah.

NPC's / Kurei Sikuro And Notai Surunu
« on: January 30, 2013, 06:55:39 pm »
Name: Kurei Sikuro
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Look:~Dark red eyes~

Bio: He is the half-brother of Mika Sasaki and Jizero, one of the sons of Deji's. Due to his misty pasts and how it was filled with tortures, experiments, tests conducted by humans scientists, he developed hatres of humans.  In a different unknown world where he came from, he destroyed many humans' cities and killed thousands, maybe even more, humans until Notai stopped him and sealed him into a deep sleep, stopping the destruction. After Notai left his body to his own, he suffers side effects, including immortality.
His personality is rather... odd. He rather be alone from everythings, but when one get to know him, he actually can be softer.
He refuse to be the good or bad guys, only help those he trust and cares about. He had a couple of scars on his body from the past, mainly from his back and chest areas and his limbs.

Ability: A living weapon monster: Can morph his blood, bones, or even his limbs into weapons. Flight. High Endurances.
Likes: Meats. Moons. Away from humans.
Dislikes: Humans and scientists. his auras, and those who want to kill him.

Name: Notai Surunu
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Look:~His eyes shift to vampiric eyes slit when he uses his powers.~

Bio: Notai is a pure-blood vampire. His soul was taken at 5 by an unknown man, and at some points was injected into Kurei by Deji who somehow gotten ahold of his soul, thus suffering the same tortures, experiments, and tests conducted by the humans that did the same to Kurei...
His personality is almost the opposite of Kurei's, a gentlemen and kind man, he also cares about Kurei's safety and his friends.
Unlike Kurei's, he don't necessary hate humans, or the desires to kill anyone, but he doesn't trust anyone easily, whenever it be human or non-humans, afterall... why would you trust a pure-blood vampire? His personality is almost the opposite, a gentlemen and very nice, he also cares about notai's safety.

Ability: Vampire, Soul, and Blood Abilities. Flight.
Likes: Natures. Moon nights. Bloods.
Dislikes: scientists, any threats to him or to peoples he cares about, being starved.

Haunted Mansion / Heading to home. [Kurei/Notai, closed.]
« on: January 25, 2013, 12:31:25 am »
Kurei look at the portal infront of him on the wall inside living room, he had a very irradiated look mixed with concern and worries, but his expression was so mixed up that it hard to tell what is what. Behide him was notai who was in Notai's chains, seeming to be sleeping.

"Okay... few things happen, and notai came down with some sickness his kinds tend to get, great... I am NOT coming back to this island." He mutters to himself as he went back to Notai's home, deciding not to come back for a very long times.

'I better make sure I tell mika about it and see if she can give me back the ring...' he though to himself before disappearing off the island along with notai.

Kurei sit next to the sleeping fox, who don't mind him as kurei look up. "Let see... beach? No. Mountain? Too cold. Fire plains? Too hot. Canyon? Too rocky. Forest? Which kinds? Tropical? Maybe... gotta have water and foods, lake or river, important resources... where could it be...?" he said outloud, listing out places in his mind as he try to look for a place to call home to live in.

O'raion Beach / The Mysterious night. (Moonlight night, open, Niha Yume)
« on: October 31, 2012, 12:48:10 am »
Niha was standing in the middle of shores when he hold his hands, 10 magic circles appear scatters around the sands, forming sand walls 10 feets wide and height. He looks at the certain girl as he forms 20 more walls.

Abandoned Town / A certain item... [Niha, open, cloudy night]
« on: October 27, 2012, 01:04:30 am »
Niha was walking through the town, mused by the deserted place. He notices a few spirits there and here and that, but what he looking for lies in this town... He lean back the wall on some random house and thinks deeply. "Hmm... wonder where it would be..." He mutters to himself.

Housing Area / Kivenas' house.
« on: October 26, 2012, 10:49:35 pm »
An tradition japanese house owned by Niha Ichihara and Yume Kasai.

Contains three story houses with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, one kitchen and a diner areas. Living room and store room. A study room for Niha to studies magics items and such. A magic room for magics trainings. Traditional and modern japanese gardens tended mostly by Yume. A treasures rooms where they stores magical items and treasures, protected by a seal where no one shall enters without Niha or Yume's permission. His house is protected by charms made by Yuuko, so any damages to it will be unaffected,.


Niha walked up the mountain from the forest he departed, still carrying Mechie which he doesn't mind, followed by Homura and Jasper

After few mins walking on the mountain, he spot a nearby cave that lead inside the mountain, but he figures a rest first so he found a big rock suitable to sit on near the cave. "Okay let rest here for a moments, you think you can get down, Mechie?" He ask kindly.

[School >.< I didn't post it until i got home xD]

After running good amounts, he finally stopped in a small open areas in deep forest with night moonilght shining down, giving lights. He put down the red dragon gently on the ground and let go of jasper after knowing they are okay. "Phew, this should be far enough! Well sorry for a rough runs, name's Niha Ichihara, it a pleasures to meet you exotic dragons." He said as he bow toward the two.

Boys Dorm Rooms / Room#505
« on: October 22, 2012, 11:22:18 pm »
Niha Ichihara's dorm room. It Actually like an apartment due to his magics expanding room. His styles of living is japanese styles, including futons and Tatami mats. When entering, you will find yourself in a living room, the kitchen locates right next to it with counters and such. Going through hallway, you will find a door to bathroom, a storeroom, and his king-size bedroom with one closet and a big bathroom containing a hot spa tub and a shower.
Finally a door lead to a room where he study magics and worlds.
This is where most of his magical items and books and scrolls locate, all on few bookshelf, some on tables and some on his desk. There are musics discs locate neatly on bookshelf with radios. A couple of headphones locate in a small black box on a drawner in the far corner in living room.

Most of the themes come from Yuuko's shop.

When one enters his kitchen though, they will find alot of alcoholic drinks stores in cabinets and fridge, usually a bottle of sake on japanese coffee table with 2-4 black cushions pillows around the table in living room with two cups, suggesting that he not exactly living there "alone" either, one would wonder just how old he really is, when he look like a teen.

Sign up / Niha Ichihara
« on: October 21, 2012, 03:44:33 am »
Name: Niha Ichihara
Age:  Unknown, assumed to be hundreds of years older then he looks. (To anyone though, he will look like a teen.))
Gender: Male

Bio: He was abandoned by his parents as a kid for unknown reasons when Yuuko Ichihara found him after witnessing his parents running away. She then took him in to her shop and adopted him as a brother and a student, giving him a name: Niha Ichihara. Since then, he had learned alot of things under her, and still learning as he have many years. He shares similar traits from Yuuko, including his kind demeanor and the loves for sake! Modoki & Mokona are also like a family to him, same with Yuuko.

He came to this school on Yuuko's request, the reasons remains unknown as he will not say it and tend to not get in battle against students.

ability: Magic, Increased life span, Dimensional travel, kicking styles.
Wish granting, like Yuuko, he grant the sincere wish of anyone who is willing to make an appropriate sacrifice in return; the price is always equivalent to the weight of the wish, no more, no less.

Likes: Monsters/Demons, natures, magics, dreams. Sake, Modoki & Mokona, Yuuko.
Dislikes: manipulate/being controlled, chaos, his parents, not having sake!

Classes: magic/sorcery 1, elemental studies1, supernatural/demonology 1, beast terminology 1, world terminology 1.
Clubs/activities: N/A
Class Rep: N/A
Year: Year 1
Equipment: Mokona Modoki's bracelets, Mokona on left, Modoki on right, black earring on left ear.

Stats: 200
strength- 20
speed- 20
intelligence- 40
energy to use ability- 50
stamina- 30
martial arts skills- 30
equipment skills- 10

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