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Title: Puzzle Complete [closed, early December]
Post by: Aska on November 03, 2012, 01:46:31 am
A diminuitive woman stood here, in the dark of the night. Her petite form is clothed in silk and velvet that rivaled the night for it's depth. At the hours of deepest darkness, the abyssal priestess brought forth a pale skinned woman. Enclosed within a robe of midnight silk, the silent captive is quiet. She does not whimper, nor does she cry.

A silken silver rope binds her wrists in an intricate weaving of knots and patterns. The sleeve moves up to her elbows. She is barefoot, but unflinching upon the snow. Calmly, she approached the altar table, obsidian stone. Laying flat upon her back, this docile woman waited, while the priestess selected the blade she would use.

Iron coated silver, Aska held in her hand. The implement is deadly sharp, and gleaming in the moonlight. The priestess laid the blade light against the neck of the innocent woman, and it sank into her skin. A bit of pressure, and she assured that the life's blood that flowed in those veins would soon flow over the ground.

In a stream dark and thick, the lifeforce drained with her, her spark guttering out. Never did she make a single sound. The river of innocence spilt moved unerringly toward the center of shadows, disappearing into it. The blade used for the job is cleaned off and returned to it's appointed position.

The small statured priestess finally picked up an object that remained tightly wrapped and warded. Her hood slid up over her face. An intricately runed fan flicked open in her hand, the folds bladed and dangerous. She stepped into the abyssal portal.

She was prepared for the fight against the various things she nearly always faced off with in her visits. She moved with deadly purpose, until she reached a sort of psychic impression of an archway that truly existed. With a disdainful flick of her fan, she cleared the fluids from the edge. She closed the weapon, stepping through the archway.

As she stepped through, her cowl is swept back to reveal her face. The cloak itself all but disappears from her form, leaving her clothed in a kimono of silvered blues and lighter purples, the silk like watercolors. Her obi is fairly simply, tied in it's complicated knot at the small of her back, echoing the silver. The silk robe beneath clearly showed her white collar.

Nearly waist length when freed, her hair is gathered in combs from her face. Her face, moonlight pale had a bare amount the white pigment used by the artists. Most noticeable is the tri pointed expanse of her nape. Her lips were tinted lightly, subtly. Her footsteps barely make a noise, and her movements are smooth, graceful and sensual. A woman that has made her way from making her mannerisms and movements pleasing or in some way entrancing.

Her eyes are thickly lashed, and lilac hued. They were quiet and serene. The patience of the tides. The scent of honeysuckle and jasmine clings to her clothing and the air around her. Still, her small and delicately boned hands keep hold of the object that she'd brought through.
Title: Re: Puzzle Complete [closed, early December]
Post by: Tayboski on November 03, 2012, 02:57:08 am
The woman entered an ancient stone throne room, though notably smaller and more modest than an average one in it's prime, the once proud chamber now stood in shambles. The once great paintings and tapestries that hung from its walls were all but ripped from their hangings. Many where shredded revealing deep gashed in the thick, cold stone behind it, a tell tale sign of the powerful blows that ruined the once great works of art.

Craters of varying size and shape dotted the walls and floor which was littered with once fine candle stands, splintered furniture, and the corpses of small rodents in varying states of decay, most of them skeletons, the implements of their demise still lodged deep within their forms. The air was stale as though entering a long forgotten tomb and all was silent, deathly so making the woman's normally unnoticeable footsteps all the more audible as she walked along the tattered, ragged red carpet towards the only thing still decent in the room; the throne.

The fine, black marble chair still sat proud and tall on top of a small set of steps in the center of the room. Polished to a high sheen that reflected any light that managed to hit it making it sparkle beautifully like the night sky, despite the horrifying faces twisted in anguish artfully carved into it's design that made it look all more terrifying and intimidating than beautiful. The ornate, silver rapier propped against the left side of the throne only adding to the image.

Finally, there, on the throne, sat what appeared to be the corpse of a man at first glance. His dusty yet regal clothing implied that he was the master of this throne room, and he sat in a position that implied as much, as though even in death, he kept his dignity. It was an imposing posture that betrayed impatience as he sat, hunched forward, head propped up on his right arm as long, black hair hid his face from view. His legs were crossed and angled away from the rest of his body, yet he was completely still, skin pale and seemingly lifeless making it seem even more like Aska had entered a tomb rather than a castle.

Just then, when it seemed like Aska might've visited the wrong place, the veins of the corpse on the throne darkened to a deep black through his skin and he inhaled deeply as his skin regained a bit of color. The man slowly raised his head, holding the breath for a few moments before he exhaled slowly, his dark, hip length hair still covering most of his features. "I thank thee for the tribute," he said slowly. His voice low echoing power and authority despite his disgraceful appearance. "Many a moon since mine eye spotted thee. What is thy purpose here?"
Title: Re: Puzzle Complete [closed, early December]
Post by: Aska on November 03, 2012, 03:34:18 am
Like the artist she had once been, her pale eyes took in the surroundings. They decayed further and further. There wasn't a lot of help for it, but the decrepit surroundings still disgusted her. The emotion pointed at the reasons for this once majestic room's demise and disrepair. And the reasons for the apparent impatience of the lord that sat in front of her.

She swept a curtsy, making the movement natural and smooth. She'd been alive since the time such gestures had been apart of an education, even in peasantry. "I have searched far, delved deep into secrets unfit for the eyes of all but precious few. And the endeavor has proven fruitful, my lord. Your words and aid proved both infallible and and incomparable." She inclined her head, the nape of her neck exposed. She came before him as priestess, not warrior.

"The artifacts of each of your siblings have been gathered. The ritual necessary is created, and awaiting the performance upon the night that I have determined is optimal. The eleventh hour of the solstice. The longest night." She took a deep breath, regretting the action once done, the scent of the decay invading her nose.

The woman knelt on her knees elegantly, sitting absolutely straight. Wrapped in midnight silk, the small object that had been retrieved was cradled in her hands. "My diligence has been rewarded. The final and most precious of objects has been retrieved, that it might please you to have it returned. My lord might wear it as I would call him forth and part the chains that keep him imprisoned." It hadn't been needed, but Aska was and had always been an overachiever in her service to a deity.

She lifted her eyes, which until now, had been lowered in demure fashion to her hands, and the object in them. She did not look him in the eye, and would not unless invited to do so. That misty lavender gaze looked at a tapestry as she told him softly. "Your time draws very near, my lord. What may I do for you to prepare for your rebirth into this world? I would see to your comfort, if it might please you."
Title: Re: Puzzle Complete [closed, early December]
Post by: Tayboski on November 03, 2012, 04:53:01 am
The lord was still on the throne as he listened to Aska's report. With his stone face hidden away behind his long, neglected hair, only the air about the room would betray his emotions.

First, it lightened a bit at the news of success and, only slightly, from the peak of pale skin of the woman's neck and the ghost of a smile could be seen on the exposed parts of his face, if the woman had chose to look. Then it grew heavy again as the smile vanished as though it were never there at the mention of those who betrayed him. If it were anyone else mentioning them, they'd have ended up like the dead rats littered about the room in an instant. Since it was his priestess however, he held back. One might not have even noticed if it weren't for the fact that the stench of decay had grown even stronger in the heavy air steeped in darkness. Upon hearing the date of his revival, the air lightened back to normal as the maiden regained his favor, and finally, he lifted his head from his hand as he stared at the ring in the woman's hands; an item he thought was long gone by now.

The lord remained seated until Aska finished speaking, then there was a long pause. The lord's old, clothing shuffled as he rose to his feet and he took slow, deliberate steps towards the woman kneeling before him. Upon reaching her, the lord stood there, the stench of decay even stronger now that his stale clothing was closer to her. Without a word, he plucked the ring from her hands and held it up examining it closely. Once satisfied, the lord slipped the ring into his pocket and nodded at the woman kneeling before him.

"Thou hast done well, I thank thee. Once I am free of this accused place, I shall reward thee graciously. For now all that ist within my power ist safe passage home," with that, the lord extends his hand over the woman and she feels a dark power surround her like a barrier and enhances her own darkness before the feeling fades. Once it is done, the lord turns away from the woman slowly making his way back towards his throne, his skin growing pale again.

"Thou hast served me well enough already. I shall see to mine own comfort once I am released. Continue in thy endeavors and free me posthaste that I may have my vengeance upon the world and reclaim the kingdom stolen from me so long ago." Upon reaching his throne, the man turned around and sat down in the position he was in when the woman had arrived. "Go now. I shall stay here and continue to store my power as I await thy return with baited breath."

It was then that the woman would notice it. Her lord was NOT as fallen as his appearance would imply, upon closer inspection, the room was so heavy with darkness that it had even become the very air she now breathed. Yet, it seemed like the lord could not access it for some reason. Even the small buff that he bestowed upon her came from the floor, not from the man. The wave of his hand was merely a signal to cause the action, not the action itself. The room darkened slightly as a low grow echoed from the walls. The man on the thrown smiled silently as he looked at the woman with amusement, a mounting sense of danger overwhelming her.

"It seems my companion is still not used to you. He still considers you naught but a snack," he said. It was a shame, he'd like to spend more time with her, but their meetings were always cut short due to this beast. "with the ring, I can control the beast, but it will take time. Thou must leave now, but worry not; by thy return, the beast shall be fully within my power. Farewell young maiden."
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Post by: Aska on November 03, 2012, 05:36:20 am
Her face hidden for a moment, as her head lowered just slightly, her neck was bared further, in a very old gesture of begging forgiveness. She cringed feeling the difference in the room, and knowing that, even if for just moments, she'd displeased him. She feared her death less than she disliked upsetting him. But to speak wouldn't do.

The lord relented on his own, and seemed content with the news she had brought before him. She might have continued to feel badly for having upset her lord, had it not been for the bestowing of his gift of safety. He was no longer angry with her. A knot that had curled itself in her stomach loosened.

She rested her fingertips upon the floor in front of her, bowing her head once more. The bow is feminine and graceful. She rises to her feet just as sinuously, her dark head turning to the direction of the source of the growl. She would have liked to stay a little longer, but that foul tempered beast couldn't figure something simple out.

Her eyes had narrowed for just one moment, before her face smoothed again. She looked at the lord, giving a brief nod of her head. "I have faith that no beast could overcome you. You will be his Master. The better it will be." She returned the cloak to her hand, wrapping it about her form, and returning the hood over her head.

With only her mouth visible, she made a motion as if kissing her hand, and sending the kiss his way. It was no grand gesture. It was small and charming, much like the woman herself. But it was habit, no less. To a louder repeat of that growl, she stepped through the portal, and had moved away from the place that held danger.
Title: Re: Puzzle Complete [closed, early December]
Post by: Tayboski on November 03, 2012, 05:51:23 am
The lord chuckled darkly as the woman left a glimpse of dark eyes peeking from beneath his hair as his head tilted in amusement with the room rumbling from the beast's fury as his left hand rested on the hilt of his rapier. "If only thou knew how true thy words would be...," he muttered after her. If Aska looked back, the last thing she would see would be dark tendrils bursting from the walls and floor while her lord continued to sit there, undaunted as the room was brought down around him...

And with that, the portal closed her off from her lord leaving her with naught but one way to go.