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Title: Room#505
Post by: Kurei Notai on October 22, 2012, 11:22:18 pm
Niha Ichihara's dorm room. It Actually like an apartment due to his magics expanding room. His styles of living is japanese styles, including futons and Tatami mats. When entering, you will find yourself in a living room, the kitchen locates right next to it with counters and such. Going through hallway, you will find a door to bathroom, a storeroom, and his king-size bedroom with one closet and a big bathroom containing a hot spa tub and a shower.
Finally a door lead to a room where he study magics and worlds.
This is where most of his magical items and books and scrolls locate, all on few bookshelf, some on tables and some on his desk. There are musics discs locate neatly on bookshelf with radios. A couple of headphones locate in a small black box on a drawner in the far corner in living room.

Most of the themes come from Yuuko's shop.

When one enters his kitchen though, they will find alot of alcoholic drinks stores in cabinets and fridge, usually a bottle of sake on japanese coffee table with 2-4 black cushions pillows around the table in living room with two cups, suggesting that he not exactly living there "alone" either, one would wonder just how old he really is, when he look like a teen.

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Post by: Kurei Notai on October 26, 2012, 01:41:36 am
Niha enters his dorm, bringing Elliot behide him with Georgie on his head. "Make yourself home." He said as he went to kitchen and began setting down three cups on the coffee table suggesting that he not actually living alone if Elliot observe it well, he then went back to kitchen and began making tea.
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Post by: Yume on October 26, 2012, 01:44:49 am
A 18 year old girl lies in the master bedroom, still sleeping a bit, she finally get up though and yawned a bit. "What a nice dream..." a young woman say to no one quietly. She enters the bathroom from the master bedroom and began to strip off and get in the shower.
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Post by: Tayboski on October 26, 2012, 01:54:01 am
Elliot enters Niha's room with his hands in his pockets looking around. "Why is your room so much bigger than mine?" He asks not noticing the 3 cups at first due to him observing everything else instead as he sat down at the table.
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Post by: Kurei Notai on October 26, 2012, 01:55:24 am
Niha softly laughs. "Yeah I used my magic to make it bigger to suit my taste. What kind of tea you want?" He ask as he put down a plate of rice balls on coffee table.
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Post by: Yume on October 26, 2012, 02:01:29 am
She came out from shower into bedroom, drying off and putting on a jean with a black T-shirt that may seem to be too big as the neck hole is almost like a one shoulder shirt. She wear a dark red tank top underneath with black bras and brushes her hair down. She stretches for moments, getting her body on track.
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Elliot thinks for a moment as Georgie hops off of his head and flutters down to the table. "Orange please! With sugar and milk," he says. Then blinks and then laughs as Niha explains why his room is so big.

"Well that's not fair! You get to use your abilities to get this while the rest of us live in rinkey-dink little rooms," he joked. "You should totally do this with my room!"
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Niha chuckles as he pour orange with sugar and milik in a cup on table and pets Georgie. "Maybe someday I will do you a favor to your room, maybe." He chuckles as he pours hot pyramid teas in two cups across him. (The table is like a rectangle with two seats on two longer slides and one seat on two shorter side. he went back to kitchen to put the dishes away. "Hope you like the drink." He said as he checks the Cabinet.
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Elliot stopped laughing and looked away scratching the back of his head as he accepted his drink. "Well I was just joking, but if you insist then I wouldn't mind...,"the teen said taking a sip as Georgie cooed from the petting before attacking one of the rice balls that was even bigger than he was. Elliot then blinked noticing the extra cup and laughed a bit.

"And I think you joke has gone too far; Georgie doesn't need such a large cup of tea!" The teen laughed a bit as the bird looked around in cute confusion.
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Niha look at Elliot with a confuse glance. "This isn't for Georgie, I still looking for his cup." he said and then look at the hallway for a min. "She should be awake by now, though."

He then resume his search for it and finally found it. "Aha! found it!" He pours waters in a cup that was wide yet short enough for Georgie to drink. He set it on the table next to Elliot so it wouldn't fall off easily. He sat down across Elliot and drink his tea.
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Post by: Yume on October 26, 2012, 03:26:13 am
After she was done stretching, she finally began walking out of hallway and smell the teas. "Niha-kun, were you making teas?" She said as she walk into the living room, she stop in her tracks as she spot Elliot, with her hand over her mouth. After one second she take deep breath once and then went to kitchen to get sugars and milks and pours some in her cup, she sit down next to Niha and look at Elliot. "Hello, I hope you like the teas Niha-kun made." She said while smiles.
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The teen raised an eyebrow. " 'Her'," he asked, but his question was soon answered as he saw a woman walk out of Niha's bedroom. "!!!," The teen's eyes widened in surprise as he immediately thought that Niha was in a serious relationship; something that he hadn't expected from the mage. Elliot turned towards the mage and smiled about to say something when he caught a glimpse of the look Yume gave him out of the corner of his eye and the smile slowly faded from his face.

"That's... odd...," the teen thought. He then nodded at her words and took another sip of his tea as Georgie flailed in a panic before dashing over to the water dish to wash down the sticky rice that almost got caught in his throat. "Yes, it's quite good. Thank you miss...," he trailed off watching her implying that this was the part that she introduced herself. The teen didn't recognize Yume because she had changed so much and he had been through so much, but something about her did seem familiar to the teen.
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Yume smiles again. "Kasai... I'm Yume Kasai, it nice to see you again, Elliot-kun" She said slowly with a hints of joys.
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Post by: Tayboski on October 26, 2012, 08:19:43 pm
Elliot spit out his tea shocking pour Georgie to do the same with his water. "What!?!? Yume!?!?! Your Yume," Elliot asked in disbelief. He blinked several times looking her over and finding little evidence that her claim was true. Yet, something about her made him believe it was true, and he began to feel happy as well before stopping and his mood and head dropped. Georgie then looked at him worriedly as he sat there in silence for a long time.

"...What are you doing back here?" Elliot asked coolly when he finally spoke again. He raised his head slightly to look at Yume as he spoke with a cold look in his eyes. A look that one wouldn't give to a beloved friend that they missed.
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Post by: Yume on October 26, 2012, 08:40:21 pm
Yume was startle by his cold look, she try to stay calm and resist her urges to hug him. "...I came back because I want to come back. Things... happen while I disappeared." She adjust her sitting and began explaining. "One day this monster kidnapped me and transported me to another dimensional, another world, a world I never saw... a city, "Japan". "

"I was badly injures by this monster when Niha saved me, he killed the monster. After living with him and Yuuko at their house, Yuuko lifted a curse that was laid on me." She pause and sips her teas.

"Apparently a curse was used when I was a baby. You remember that times i said I lost controls of my powers? That was the curse, it activate when my emotions go out of controls. The tattoo on my shoulder was the curse.

When Yuuko-chan lift the curse off, my appearances changes, she said that this was my true appearances, saying that the curse altered my appearance." She pulls out a letter that Elliot receive where it explains her transfer. "That letter you receive was just something to hide my disappearance, It likely Kyo due to not wanting to bring problems or whatever pranks or confusions." She finish telling her story and  sips her tea again, afraid of what Elliot might react.
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Niha calmly sips his teas as he listens. Remembering that the guy Yume was friends with before she came to Japan and Elliot was the same person, though Niha sure was surprised.
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Elliot's eyes widen a bit and his head lowers as he listens to Yume's story. Once she'd finished, he sat there with his head down, trembling slightly. "I see... excuse me," the teen said and immediately got up and left the room. Georgie looked at Elliot, to Niha and Yume, then back again before bowing nervously towards their hosts and following Elliot out the door before it closed behind him.
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Niha looks at Yume and sighs. "He might be shock or something, you alright?" He ask her.
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Yume nodded sliently and sit on couch, grabbing the headphones. "I gonna go listen to some musics for a bit. Thanks, Niha, I shoulda said sorry after leaving him though..." She said sadly as she plays her musics and close her eyes.
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Niha sigh softly and pets her head. He leave the living room to his magic room and works on a pure black stone he found while giving her an alone times so she can get her emotions calm.
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Niha teleport himself and Elliot to his living room and put Elliot gently to couch as the magic circle dissolves into floor. Je went to kitchen to make teas. "Don't worry Yume not here, she at our house, you can ignore me or whatever but just stay here for a moment and relax for once." He said quickly as he stirrs a special tea that would make one person's calm, he got it from Yuuko though, after exchanging it with his tea leaves he found in multiple parts of Forest. To Elliot, Niha might be acting strange.
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Elliot blinked in surprise as he sat on the couch, not sure of what to make of everything. Eventually, the teen grit his teeth and began to shake in a silent rage. "What do you want Niha? First, you give me an awesome pet, then then you bring "her" back, now your trying to save me? What do you want from me Niha!?!?"

By the time he'd finished speaking, the teen was on his feet panting with rage as yellow sparks dancing across his body. Deep down, he already knew that Niha wasn't at fault for any of this and that it was wrong of him to take out his rage on him, but since he wasn't able to properly vent his rage before, the teen was still lost as to what he should do. If Niha didn't calm him soon and help him think, then things would get very messy, very fast...
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Niha nodded and give him the tea that would make him calms and clear up his messy minds and sat down across him. He stayed silent the whole times as his own mind is conflicted with something else, yet is trying his best to hide it, even when elliot vented his angers on him, he stayed quiet, no emotions changing, but that doesn't change the fact he acting strange as he hold Georgie in his hand, petting it softly, luckily he haven't forgotten the little chocobo...
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Niha's silence only served to infuriate Elliot even more. Looking down at the tea, Elliot wanted to throw it across the room, or better yet; in Niha's face, but he doesn't. Instead he controls himself thinking that that would be going too far, though it takes a LOT of difficulty, and slams the cup down on the table spilling some of the tea as he glares at the mage before him.

"Fine. Be that way. Thanks for the save but if you have nothing to say then I'm out of here. Give "Yume-san" my regards," he spat vehemently and began stomping towards the door. As an afterthought, he considered whether or not he should take Georgie with him, but in the end, he decides it may be for the best if he left the bird there for now as he stomped out of the door, and soon out of the dorms heading towards his favorite spot to try and meditate to calm down.
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Niha's invisible circles froze Elliot's body from moving, though not letting his body to sores either. He then look at Elliot with a serious expression in a different voice, a man rather, not a old man though but a young man, as if it was his true voice to his true age. "You rather have her died then? Rather let her suffers instead? You rather not be calm instead? Rather get killed yourself? I did not bring her back, she wanted to come back, as her story states, this monster, "Spicent", took her away due to the curse inflicted on her, because it was a dimensional curse, she couldn't come back, and she still couldn't if she didn't pay the "price." I would think you would at least be happy as you two will never meet again, and that you were friends with, yet I see no friendship or happiness in you, why is that? Her price was too great so she paid it half by waiting 3 months, learning the dimensional magic, she worked hard, even knowing that the magic could have fatal side effects, while I paid it half by bringing her here. Rather than me who brought her back, it was Yuuko's idea, and Yume's desires to come back. She coulda died, she coulda forgotten memories, she could suffers, would you be happy then? Never see your friends ever again? That letter you said to receive, i never heard of it, we both didn't, we don't know who sent it to you, it could someone who put the curse on Yume, intending to keep her dead forever. Whatever the case, that in the past, and I expect you to think about it and calm down." During his speech, he was working his magic circles in the drinks Elliot drank, giving him a calm feeling and clearing the mixed feelings, letting him to think calmly.

He then forgotten something silly and added in his normal teen voice. "Oh yeah, Georgie liked you the first time he saw you, the chocobos choose its master, It still a present from me and you choose it, relates to nothing else, it a present, and a friend to you." He said but still have serious expression with his magic circles activating, not letting him go. Georgie chirps cutely at Elliot while jumping on table.
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The more Niha spoke, the more Elliot clenched his teeth. His rage continued to build more and more, yellow sparks danced across his body as white ones spurted from the invisible circle. His body twitched and trembled as though Elliot was becoming too wild to restrain until, finally, about halfway through his speech, Elliot screamed, his yellow aura flaring up full force as the teen managed to tap his foot ((strength x4 = 120)).

Even though it was just a tap, the increased impact blasted a hole in the floor breaking the circle ((if it was there)) and simultaneously launched the still glowing Elliot up to the ceiling while sending out a shockwave knocking Niha off balance and disrupting the circle ((if it was an energy circle or simply in the air)). Once Niha caught his balance and looked up, he'd see the teen glaring directly at him with golden, wolf-like eyes and fangs peeking out from his between his lips as his hair bristled a bit to appear like fur. Then, that afterimage would slowly fade revealing another hole in the ceiling ((Speed x3 = 120)) as Niha feels a clawed hand close around his neck and lift him effortlessly into the air. He'll then hear an almost beastly growl escape his lips as the Crescent Moon glared up at his "friend".

"You really think I don't know that," the teen began in a surprisingly calm voice, but make no mistake; his rage and blood lust at the moment was so intense that it was quickly filling the room terrifying the little chocobo as he continued to glare at the mage slowly squeezing his neck tighter.

"Do you REALLY THINK I don't understand? That it's NOT Yume's fault and that I need to apologize? NO! I DO KNOW!!! Never think that I'm the type of **** that DOESN'T KNOW WHEN HE'S WRONG!!!" A wolf's growl escapes his lips as he yells at Niha. Ventus and Aqua enter the room through opposing walls and flinch at the sight of Elliot, they look at each other in a panic as though they don't know what to do as Elliot continues to speak.

"BUT!!! Before you spit your biased, self-righteous BULLSHIT at me, put yourself in my shoes: all my life I've been nothing but a PLAYTHING for women. NONE OF THEM took me seriously as a potential boyfriend NONE! To them, I was merely a DOLL to be dressed in frilly clothing and paraded throughout the town to show off! Could you, with your so-called "infinite wisdom" possibly even BEGIN to comprehend what that kind of life is like!?!? To fall in love AGAIN and AGAIN only to have your heart stepped on, trampled, and tossed aside like it doesn't matter!?!? It makes you JADED! It makes you DISTRUSTING! It makes it HARD TO TRUST and even HARDER TO FALL IN LOVE!!! And then finally, when I THINK I can trust again... When I THINK I can fall in love... the one that I put my trust in VANISHES INTO THIN AIR!!!"

At this point, a single tear rolled down enraged cheeks. The teen blinked as he feels it and uses his free hand to wipe it away staring at it as his grip slightly loosens. Finally, the enraged teen tossed the mage aside like a rag doll onto his couch, which rocked upon his landing. And he turned away as more tears began to stream down his cheeks. "... I thought I was beginning to like her, so of course I was worried... I searched all over for her, and it was also one of my reasons to get stronger as I was prepared to do whatever I needed to to rescue her... every day, every minute, every second I was in the dark, it hurt more and more as I tried to figure out who, what, when, where, and why... and then the letter came... and all my questions were answered; she was just like the rest. Then, my heart began to hurt for different reasons; disbelief, betrayal, even more heartbreak... all those old feelings came rushing back. And I had no choice but to move on or stay stuck on her forever. And that's not my style..."

The harsh feelings the teen was exuding before began to calm along with his golden aura as his wolf-like features slowly began to fade. Then, the teen looked back over his shoulder with eyes that were hurt, almost as though pleading for help as the old pain from years of bullying finally began to seep through; Elliot's emotional armor had finally begun to crack. "Another old love of mine has returned, but she's with my cousin right now, leaving me to deal with a LOT of confusing feelings. And now, during the time when I'm most confused, she returns and you REALLY expect me to remain calm? How UNREASONABLE can you be!?!?"

Ventus and Aqua float over to the teen with worried looks on their faces. The Crescent Moon merely glances up at them and shakes his head before taking slow, almost lifeless steps over to Georgie petting him until he calmed down and then plucked him up and set him on his shoulder. After that he sighed, walking over to the door and opening it before looking back at Niha. "I'm sorry for being like this... and I'm sorry for how I acted towards Yume... but what I need right now is time to recover... so please, just... leave me alone...," Elliot said weakly, almost pleadingly, then, he walked out the door letting it close behind him as he headed towards his favorite spot to meditate.
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Before Elliot go out, Niha spoke again in the man voice, however it was switching back and forth to teen voice, suggesting that something isn't right. "Strange, the tea should work, your emotions is out of control." He stood up, with his right arm broken severly and his hairs cover his eyes as he cough bloods from using magics too much and from Elliot's unstable powers, he began to walk pass Elliot and stood in hallway. "I do not exactly sure of what you saying but if it love you want, that not possible. Yume can't love you anymore, she never will anymore, she knew you would not love her again after disappearing like that, she guilty yeah. She came to apology, she was going to apology, to explains, that why she wanted to come back, she never treat you like a girl, she did love you, she couldn't stop thinking about you the whole time even in our cares. She have to paid "it" to come here. I said it before, the price was quite high when she wanted to come back. If you do love her, actually like her, then don't EVER compare her to the other girls like she wasn't special at all. DO NOT treat her the same as other. If you think there a fault, it BOTH of you, you just can't accept your own past, Yume accepted her, but her emotions half-accepted it, she paid the price. I said it before, dimensional magics have a fatal side effects, we let her only use it once with me supporting so she wouldn't die again, it take MANY years to master it. Three months is just too short. I thoguh you two would have a good reunion and she would be happy again. But no, you instead hate her, not wanting her to come back, despite that she got friends here too, you included. She upset from Homura's strange actions too, i not sure but she came to the house in a really upset. She crying now... saying that she shoulda died like you wanted, that no one cared for her anymore, only Freya does. You honestly wanted that...? You can hurt her yourself if that what your true desires." His eyes glare with glowing red as his back and right eyes bleeds dangerously yet he limps slowly, with hints of tear rolling on his left eye."I won't stop you from killing me but don't even hurt Yume... Ventus, Aquas, I know you two are there, I request you two to accompany him for awhile, he unstable and need you two in there. I don't think he loves Yume anymore like Yume hoped, even if it just a friend. Pure hates, that what she feared the most. I just a person to saved her, so it wasn't my business to meddles her life, yet the curse intervene and i appear in her world by fate. That monster was really strong, I don't think you know this nor does she... but Yume actually died. If I died, don't you dare let anyone hurt her... "After he said the last part, it was a whisper but loud enough for Elliot to hear as he left the dorm, with his back toward Elliot, while coughing out bloods.
During Niha's speech, he gave hints that Yume actually died during Spicent attack, but revived for unknown reasons.

As niha limps through the hallway, his bend down, trying to endure the pains erupted in him due to his powers unstable for using too much. He doesn't even knowing the answer why he doing this but as he think more, his broken right leg finally gave out, and he fall down front, his body began to get inflicted by more wounds, he grunts in pains, bleeding internal too."Tsk... damn... not now... not here... damn..." He sliently say it as he tries to crawl but the magic circle stop the nerve in his hands. He curses slienlty as his conscious finally fades to darkness. But not before saying one last word outloud. "Damn you... Kihvena." he said as he finally limps, if one to find him, they would see that he almost dead, as his heartbeat beats slowly very slow.
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Elliot didn't exactly know why he stopped when he heard Niha's cracking voice. Maybe it was because he was worried about his friend's condition? Somewhere in the back of his mind however, he was beginning to regret it the more and more the mage spoke. Sighing heavily about halfway through Niha's second rant, the teen lowered his head pinching the bridge of his nose and shaking his head.

"This guy just doesn't get it," he thinks. This time, the teen doesn't even start to get mad again; he was too tired from his previous outburst now and it would be a waste of time and energy at this point anyway. Instead, much to Ventus and Aqua's relief, even though some of Niha's words offend him, the Crescent Moon merely mentally calls him a baka several times and tones out the rest of Niha's rant instead focusing on Niha's condition, which appeared to be getting worse and worse by the second.

Eventually, the teen holds up his hand to tell Niha to stop and if that doesn't work, he'll cover Niha's mouth, "Hey you don't look so good dude, are you sure you should be up and about?" His question is then answered when Niha collapses and Elliot sighs in disbelief. "You've gotta be kidding me...," the teen said with another sigh and picked the mage up throwing him over his shoulder fireman-style. Okay, where the hell was that nurses office again?" Elliot then carried Niha out of the dorm in search of a hospital or other place of healing for his stupid friend.
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-is picked up and mutters softly "baka... Kihvena..." Suggesting that he was worried about him the whole time and didn't understand the whole situation, he was just too blind to it, though the word Kihvena may seem unknown.

His bracelet flickers and Yuuko's image appear. "The boy misunderstand the situation and tries to help, and almost died in the end, correct?" She said, agreeing on Elliot. She looks at him again. "You can take him to his house, he got heal stones that can heal his injures, he used too much magics so it hurt him in recoils, all magics have restrictions and side effect, in his case, it the harmful ones, if he uses it too much, it will harm the user, that why he here, to works on that and on his natural abilities, of course he doesn't know about it, that why he use it without thinking. I hope you would help him on that though. Just take him to house and put the heal stone on his body, he will be fine after a full day rest. You can leave him alone after you put the stone." She said quickly as the heal stones teleport in Elliot's hands and the image flickers. "Seeya, Tiger-kun." She snickers as her image dissolve.
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Elliot didn't care that the woman called him "tiger-kun" when she left because he was to busy blinking at the stone that had appeared in his hand and wondered If this was the heal stone, then why did he need to take Niha to his house? Why not set him up here in his Dorm room? Regardless, the teen shrugged and decided to do what the witch said. He recalled that Niha said that Yume was there earlier. And though he didn't particularly wish to see Yume right now, he didn't want to leave the mage all alone in his dorm either.

Finally, the teen let out one more haggared sigh, and began to make his way towards Niha's new home hoping he wouldn't get lost trying to find the place.
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As Elliot thinks about the dorm, an explosions appeared in Niha's dorm, senting shockwaves in Elliot's way, though not exactly powerful to push him away. If one to look in, it would look like a bomb exploded, all of stuffs been shredded and ripped, all wall been scratched and alot of craters. It like a bomb or a being or unstable powers destroyed his dorm. If Elliot look in there, he might actually be glad that he rather put Niha in his house instead of Dorm.

[ I alway wanted to do this xD ]
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Elliot's eyes widens at the chaos and he blinks, "house it is then..." And with that, he left taking Niha to his home.