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Title: A House Not Yet a Home [Hunter/Mika, closed, Sweet Sacrifice cont.]
Post by: Hunter on October 03, 2012, 07:37:35 pm
The house was settled near the forest. It looked more like a cottage, perhaps. Painted a cheerful butter yellow, the trim in white. A well tended and colorful garden still bloomed at the front. The porch is welcoming, a good size. The porch swing is newly installed. No fence kept the animals out, yet other defenses would keep most anything undesired out easily.

It looked as if it had two stories, and easily enough room for multiple people. Perhaps a silent prodding from the subterranean goddess. The walk was a quiet one, the man not one for filling silence with idle and useless chatter. He'd point out interesting things, typically plant or animal based. Nature based, even.

They arrived at the house, and it might surprise Mika to note that, though there is a normal lock upon his door, Hunter has other metaphysical locks in place. In an odd sort of ritual, he passes his hand through the door, and then does a couple more odd gestures before the door swings open to allow entrance through it.

He invites her inside, and even that seems to have the feel of a ritual to it. He seems willing to explain, if she wondered, but he'd allow her to ask or not. The man drew her through the living room, still bare of personal touches, possibly because he had little idea how to do so, and into the kitchen.

It may very well have been a chef's dream. Fresh herbs, any accoutrement required. Space and flow. In one word, beautiful.
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Post by: Mika Sasaki on October 03, 2012, 08:03:54 pm
Mika enjoyed the walk to the house, not one to push conversation either she took in what he told her about nature.  She smiled lightly at the exterior of the house, it seemed fitting for him.  As he opened the door and invited her in she took note of the ritualness to it.  She was curious.  "The door is protected isn't it?  What does it protect from?"  She asked as they walked through the living room.

As they entered the kitchen Mika's eyes went wide.  "Wow..." she whispered.  She had never seen such a beautiful kitchen.  There were so many ideas that dashed through her head as she took note of the fresh herbs and spices.  She nibbled her lip lightly in thought as she decided what to cook.  She rested her hands delicately on the counter top letting herself feel the flow of the kitchen.  The bit of the chef in her took in the feel of it so she would be able to work to her fullest.  She wanted the meal to be good.
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Post by: Hunter on October 09, 2012, 02:27:04 pm
Before he took a seat on the stools on the other side of the counter, he meandered to the refrigerator. "Like anything to drink, little angel?" He asked, looking over his shoulder at her. It's quite likely anything she might ask for is already in there.

He awaits her answer, and moves to fulfill it, and then he takes his seat. He seems to be watching her as she moves around the kitchen. It's that patient, yet observant attention he has that is so often turned upon her. Especially if it's a situation that he's never seen her in before. He seems to be absorbing details of her.

As he sits, his eyes following her movements, he explains about his defenses. "Those defenses keep any who mean harm from crossing my threshold. There is also a special ward against wraiths and other such supernatural creatures. It would even possibly keep you out, if I didn't know it was you. Sooner or later, I will type your energy into the wards, so that they may recognize you." Little doubt. This man is fairly smart in his field.
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Post by: Mika Sasaki on October 09, 2012, 02:56:28 pm
Mika smiled lightly at his question, requesting a choice of lemonade.  She thanked him and took a sip before she stared moving about the kitchen.  She first went to the fridge to figure out what he had available.  Her eyes fell on the ground beef and the egg plant.  Her eyes sparkled quietly as she decided on what to make.  She sliced the eggplants salted and breaded them lightly, before tossing them lightly in the oven. 

She smiled at Hunter and nodded as he described the defenses on the house.  "That's amazing, you know so much."  She whispered, her eyes falling on his while the contents of the pan simmered for a moment.  "I can understand keeping things unwanted out, although I would be happy to see my energy typed into the wards."

As the Eggplants cooked she started to work on the ground beef.  She browned it with some onions and garlic.  She let the meat simmer slightly as she added adding cinnamon, allspice, parsley, tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, and sugar.  Soon the aroma started to fill the kitchen as the components of the Moussaka started to cook.  She fell into her normal habits as she cooked, she hummed and sang lightly.  She kept her attention on Hunter as well, but the singing came naturally while she cooked.  She quickly went about making a Béchamel sauce.
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Post by: Hunter on October 09, 2012, 04:02:32 pm
His nose twitched slightly. His stomach gave a growl that is more than audible, and he looked down at that complaining offender with a soft chuckle. "I think my stomach approves of the scent of the food, sweet angel." He sat still again, leaning forward and simply listening to her sing. A small, secret smile curved his lips.

"Do you want to learn about some of the things I know? Learn about the things I've seen?" He asked softly, eyes intent.
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Post by: Mika Sasaki on October 09, 2012, 04:41:06 pm
Mika giggled lightly as she heard his stomach respond to the aroma's in the room.  She smiled warmly at him, "I'm glad that it approves.  Now I just hope that it will approve of the flavor as much as the smell."  She pulled out a deep baking dish and prepared it.  As the individual components finished their preparation she set them around on the counter.  Carefully she layered in the ingredients for the right balance as you ate the meal.   Topping it off with grated cheese she set it in the oven to bake.  She closed the door to the oven just as the song she was singing concluded.

She turned back to Hunter while the Moussaka baked.  She sat across from him, watching him movements curiously.  Still taking in him movements, and their subtleties now that he was alive again.  She nodded lightly, a smile playing across her lips.  "I would love to learn about what you know, what you've seen."  She always wanted to know more about him, what he knew, what he'd been through.  It had played at the back of her mind since the night in the closet, when fate had brought her to the hospital.  "Anything you would be willing to share, I would gladly take in as much as I can."
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Post by: Hunter on October 09, 2012, 05:25:43 pm
He smiled softly at her, steepling his fingers. His green eyes unfocused as he looked inward for just the sort of thing he might want to impart. Something not too sad or heavy. Yet, something that she might learn from.

"Did you know that there are vampires out there that can reach across to the side of the world that wraiths exist in? They can reach through, displace the Veil between. And attempt to control us. It's a danger. That Hospital was a favorite place for them to visit. Some of them are not so bad, and yet others are very depraved.

We wraiths have things that tether us here. Fetters. It's different for everyone of us. It's terrible for us to lose them. It hurts us physically, emotionally. These vampires would collect them. Collect them, and control us with them. They couldn't find mine. They were one of the reasons I learned so much about supernaturals and their weaknesses." He looked at her, expecting questions, and more than willing to grant answers.
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Post by: Mika Sasaki on October 09, 2012, 06:35:08 pm
Mika listened carefully as he wove the scene for her.  She kept her eyes on him, her hands rested against her lips, silently taking in everything he was telling her.  She nibbled her lip lightly as she processed the information.  "So these vampires, the try to control wraiths, for what purpose?  Is there a reason they were drawn to that hospital?"

Her brow was furrowed slightly as she pondered through her questions. "So these vampires find what keeps a wraith here and that's how they assert their control."   She found her fingers twisting through her hair lightly.  There was one question she really wanted to ask.  She took a soft breath, "Why couldn't they find yours?  Not that I would have wanted someone trying to control you....but what was yours?"  Her grey eyes trained up to his softly.  It was a question she needed to ask.
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Post by: Hunter on October 23, 2012, 02:09:33 pm
He took a deep breath, dropping his eyes to the counter for a moment. He lifted them again, meeting hers head on. He kept his voice even, no hesitation. "The vampires desired servants on that side of the Veil. As for my fetters? Some of them always remained on my person. Others were hidden away. One was something, someone they'd never be able to lay their hands on." 

He twisted the heavy ring on his finger from his hand, showing it to Mika, handing it to her. "That was one of them. It never left my hand." The ring itself is some very heavy metal, wrought with careful and fine detail, cradling a clear emerald. Two sets of initials sat to either side of the gem. LM and NM. "Another is a book that has been mine since before that orphanage. The third was the bundle of letters that I rescued from my old house. Sent back and forth between my parents during the war." He cupped his hands around the glass that sat in front of him. It was getting harder for him to look at her.

"The fourth is a family portrait, one of the only pictures I have of my parents. And the fifth, the one they could never get..." He closed his eyes, and actively avoided meeting her gaze. "The fifth was you."
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Post by: Mika Sasaki on October 23, 2012, 03:16:52 pm
Mika watched him as he began to speak.  Listening carefully to everything he said, her eyes never left him.  She listened to what his fetters were.  As he handed her the ring, she studied it for a few moments, turning it in her delicate fingers.  The weight of it surprised her slightly, but the fine craftsmanship of the ring was a thing of beauty.  She ran her fingers lightly over the engravings, the initials, the gem, almost as if she was memorizing them.  She handed it gently back to him, knowing it's value to him.

As he continued telling her of the items, she watched him carefully.  Taking note of his manor-isms as he spoke, noticing his hands cupping his glass.  He listed the items, and she nodded softly.  She could see how each of them would be something important to him.  As he closed his she tilted her head lightly, taking a breath as she listened for what the something that they would never be able to lay their hands on.

His last words left her speechless for a moment.  She was the last, she was the thing keeping him here?  The one they could never get?  She let the words sink in.  The time she had spent with him over the past months, she knew he was important to him, but knowing just how important she was.  It took a moment for her to find her words again.  She knew he was avoiding her gaze, but she reached across the table, and placed her hand on top of his. "All this time, I meant that much to you?  I mean, I could tell I was important to you.  You were always there, always protecting me."  She squeezed his hand lightly. 

Ever since he had come back into her life, he had made an incredible impact on her life.  Trying to imagine life without him in it anymore, was painful.  He meant more to her than she could put into words at this point.  She bit her lip lightly, as she focused her grey eyes on him.  "The fact that I mean that much to you.  You know you mean a lot to me, more than I can say.  I can't imagine what would have happened if I hadn't stumbled into the hospital that day."
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Post by: Hunter on October 29, 2012, 02:10:44 pm
Hunter flipped his hand, palm up, to cradle Mika's in his own. He listened to her, eyes on her face. Even feeling vulnerable, he couldn't not look at her when she spoke. Her posed question, he answered softly. It may have sounded bitter from another, but Hunter spoke plainly, without rancor. "You would still be happy and oblivious, sweet angel. I would be watching over you like your guardian angel, but you would not know of me. And so, you would not miss me." He said.

"Yes, little angel. You meant that much to me. You always have." He watched her, eyes scanning her face, moving from her eyes to her mouth and back. Still, he kept his reserve and kept himself in check. She would decide when or if she ever moved in that direction.
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Post by: Mika Sasaki on October 29, 2012, 03:22:15 pm
The warmth in Hunter's hand as he cradled hers made her smile.  A light sigh and a squeeze of his hand accompanied her next response.  "I may have been happy and oblivious, and I may have not remembered you.  I know now that you would have been watching over me.  However there is nothing I regret about having found you.  I don't want to imagine not knowing you, not being able to be here with you."  Her voice soft and honest.

At his last words a soft genuine smile made its way across her lips.  She could feel her heart beat quicken slightly, hearing how he felt.    Her eyes settled on his face, care swirling behind those grey orbs of hers.  The night in the hospital slipped across her mind for a moment, how it had ended.  Ever since she had met Hunter again, she could feel something there.  Something building under the surface.  The fact that she meant that much to him, struck the center of those feelings.  He meant more to her than she knew how to say.  She nibbled her lip lightly, as she watched him.
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Post by: Hunter on November 14, 2012, 05:51:33 am
He reached out his other hand, resting it on her cheek. He passed his thumb over her lower lip lightly. "I pray and hope that you never regret your choice. I plan to try and make certain you never will." He told her softly. The man leaned forward, kissing her forehead softly, followed by each of her cheeks. He remained close, his hand filtering through her hair gently as he watched her. The action is unmistakeable. Her move.
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Post by: Mika Sasaki on November 14, 2012, 12:13:13 pm
Her face tilted softly into his hand as it stroked her cheek.  Her eyes closed slightly, savoring his touch.  Moments like this, she couldn't see how it would even be possible to regret the choice she had made.  He was here in the flesh.  She felt each of the kisses, taking in the soft feel of his lips on her skin.  She smiled feeling his hand in her hair, as she met his eyes.  She leaned in closer, feeling his warmth.  Her fingers brushed down his jaw and neck gently.  She left a delicate kiss on his cheek, near the corner of his mouth. 
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The corner of his mouth turned up slightly as he looked at her. He left another kiss on her forehead, before he got to his feet. The man came around the corner, but instead of immediately coming to Mika's side, he moved to a recessed area of the wall. His fingers hit a couple of buttons, and soft music piped in. It was vaguely bluesy, perhaps Debussey. Another unknown fact about Hunter that had been revealed silently.

He held his hand out to Mika. "Dance with me, little angel?" He asked her softly, a dark brow arched in question of the forest green eyes. He'd decided not to pressure or push her, and so moved to something less invasive.
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Post by: Mika Sasaki on November 14, 2012, 12:57:08 pm
Mika smiled as he kissed her forehead again.  Watching him get up, her expression peaked with curiosity as the music began to play.  She couldn't keep the smile from spreading brightly across her face as she heard the melody.  Anything she learned about him made her happy, and the choice seemed fitting.  She placed her hand gently in his, "I would love to dance Hunter."  She stood to meet him for the dance.