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Title: oraion revised
Post by: kenro on October 01, 2012, 08:40:57 am
hello everyone, this is your friendly neighborhood evil villain kenro speaking. it has come to my attention that(always knew deep down inside) that there aren't alot of teachers here at oraion. so i will revising the role per say. the teacher role can be a created character, but instead of teaching a class they will be more of a mentor type thing going on

- in order to gain stats other than always fighting evil or sparring. visit a teacher who has knowledge of what you want to learn. after that teacher teaching you(you must be specific in what you want to learn). they will give you number of points depending on your performance in that leaning session

- the stats learned are fixed stats, meaning they will only be able to go to what they are told to go for

-teachers will be in places that they usually be in places they like to hang out. at home, in the forest etc.

- i will be making NPC teachers(gratitudes of the hogwarts site) because like i said: there aren't a lot of teachers

if anyone has any questions please message me at whatever account is online: Kyo,Leon,Ankobu,Akio,Yami,Shinkuru,Kenro

thank you everyone and have a blessed day