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Title: the best of the best of the best....SIR!! [kenro, twilight, 9/20]
Post by: kenro on September 19, 2012, 11:50:52 pm
" in record time the look of the city had changed. the city was alive with mechanical and living beings. moving through the city with there busy work of creating an army. kenros plans were simple, create a massive army to ovethrow the reigning governments of this planet. but for this to be accomplished kenro would need generals to lead the massive army. kenro stood upon the infinite designs Inc building, but instead of watching the city he was bust inspecting a recruit for general position. the figure was a male, approx 5'11 with a lean build. he wore a cloak branding the uzumaki symbol, his face covered" what is your mission?

Recruit: to be a pillar among the Uzumaki Army. to do the will of our leader and bring success by any means

"kenro smiled looking down at the recruit" will you let anything stop you?

Recruit: no

what is your name

Recruit: "the recruit reveals his face" I am Akio Mizireal  3rd General of the Uzumaki Army

"kenro smiled again" it seems the mind sweep has worked better than i thought. your codeame will be Drake

Drake: "Drake bowed and with a quick step vanished"

"kenro turned his attention back to the bustling City as he went over more plans in his head"