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Title: Sita's Sacrifice
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Centuries ago, Sita, the witch of Arceus led an Army of Darkness doing the work of the Lord of Nightmares. During a war she went mad with her own power and tribunal of monks used their powers to seal her away in a tomb.

Six months ago she had somehow found herself working at O'Raion as a teacher. Her spirit was bound to a simple scientist, Shroder. She loathed him, as did he her. She never forgot her true mission though. To regain her true body. She used the Dracone siblings to acquire the items she needed for her own resurrection. She was ecstatic at the idea.

To gain a physical body, her spirit would expel's Shroder's soul from his own body. Her soul would mold his body into her image. This was unknown to Shroder, who'd grown attached to her. He'd become more than willing to aid her and began to prepare the ritual for her at the Astral Border.

Unbeknownst, to Sita she felt a tinge of guilt for what she was about to do. Something she hadn't felt since her early youth. Doing this to Shroder would be the ultimate betrayal. His soul would be trapped in the Astral Realm. She received a message from Noah Dark: The Lord of Nightmares was on Ankobu's side. If Sita were to be resurrected she would have to fight against O' Raion. She would be forced to murder her students and co workers in cold blood under the orders of her true master.

Before the ritual was completed-she stopped Shroder and confessed. With a somber smile Shroder admitted that he'd known all along and that it was okay. She called him an idiot. He agreed with her.

"You know what this means, Shroder. I can't go back to the academy. I've already been separated from your body. I'm stuck here in the Dead Fog. For good this time." She turned away from him and began to drift away, deeper into the fog. She stopped. "Good bye." She continued to drift farther. Behind her she heard the pounding of footsteps that broke into a full run. She turned to see Shroder chasing after her. "You fool. What in Arceus' name are you doing?"

"I'm coming with you!" he called.

"Don't be an imbecile. You come any further you'll be trapped here too." She spat growing angry.

"I don't care!" he yelled closing the distance. His physical form slipping away. He began to close the distance emanating with a bright luminescent light.

"Why the hell don't you!" She screamed with frustration.

He leapt forward wrapping his arms around her, sending them both twirling into the air where they drifted in bated silence. His hand caressing her cheek for the first time. "Because...I love you, idiot."

Sita went silent. Her head sank into his chest. "I hate you."

"I'm fine with that."

"Are you sure about this...?"


She buried her head back into his chest and the two of them continued to drift there for what felt like an eternity.
*         *         *

Shroder ended up going through with the ritual. He lost his body and became trapped in the Dead Fog. He wouldn't be abandoning the war against Ankobu. He was giving them a stronger player. He gave his body over to Kuei, the Red Spirit, who wanted to find Cherry.

Without any regrets, Sita and Shroder are drifting at the edge of the world in each other's arms.
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This is sad. Almost made me cry manly tears :p
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I dont kno them but I want to cry like I do  :'(
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This is what I'm looking more for. When something happens. I want you guys to post summaries of major events and also update your own character summaries. I'll be mentioning summary updates etc. when I send a newsletter message each few days.
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I think this summary as well as keeping our own updated will make things much easier.  Knowing when something like this happens will be amazing. 

Also agree that was a beautiful scene
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Man that was perfect that made my heart tremble