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Title: Anihe Tamaski's journal entry 1
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The hero in this summary is Anihe Tamaski. When Anihe first came to this school she was sure she wouldn't make any friends. Later in the story she would find out she was very wrong. Her first encounter with anyone was with a alien prince named Jizero. She found something was different about the boy when she fought him he didn't bleed blood but and black liquid. She later had a encounter with his demon kyoki. She made a promise to him that she would help the boy control him. When the story progressed she began to fall in love with Jizero and he became her boyfriend.

Later on in the story she met 2 others named Shinji and Mika. They became quick friends. Due to Mika's nice personality and Shinji's playful and funny spirit. She also had a rocky meeting with Kaya and Miles but now they are not so much friends but not enemies. She has also gained and controled her powers. Thanks to Artemis and Nobu and Leon and Yukimora she has become stronger. Later on she came across a boy named Zero . While they where fighting he synced their souls and she became stronger. She has also come across a boy named Shinkuru who turned out to be her cousin. Also her sister named Cecamoria has come but with her smart alic sword Charles Anihe is worried she won't make alot of friends.

With her strenth and even better powers she is sure she will win in her tornement match with Ruko. But is being sure enough for her to win. Especially with the twins named Kami and Tomi harrasing her all the time. Find out in her next journal entry.
Title: Re: Anihe Tamaski's journal entry 1
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                                ~•Part two•~
Last we left Anihe she was in her tournament battle vs Ruko. She won her fight walking away with a broken skull and broken ribs. Leaving Ruko bleeding pasted out having Mr.Kyo step in and carry hkm away. She was then moved up partnered up with Kaya and Haro vs My.Kyo during the fight he was kidnapped by his brother.

Later on she Freya and Dawn fought on of Ankobu's lackie Jaddon. When the fight was over a voice called in Anihe's head . It told her to go to the mountains . She went to the mountains and the voice eas Artaxias. He told her she was strong enough for his soul to transfer to her body.

Later on she became attach to the mountains. She was lying there and Mika came. Anihe was having unsual  symptoms. Mika told her she was having morning sickness. Which ment you guessed is she was pregnant. Which took a big toll on her life seeing as to which she is a rough person and her boyfriend went missing. She went to her friend Nikahi asking for help. She told her she was having twins. Not knowing what to do and being the one not to lose control under pressure she stayed calm. Her luck then turned around When Jizero came back. Mika pushed the tw to talk. She then told she was pregnant. He gave her a surprise by telling her he knew already. She had forgotten he coul smell souls. He told her he was so excited to finally become a family.

She then elped Takashi bring Hoshi back to life. Artaxias had to over. He used so much energy it took half her eyesight. Thanks to Shinji he gave it back to her . Kaya , Shinji and her talked about Sealing Artaxias. Though they are not able to do so

Though everything seems to be going right now things can always change.