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Title: Freya ~Artemis~ /Lycus/ Dracone
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Update 1 6/30/12:

Freya has gotten used to living at the academy, on her first day she met her first friend, Yukio, who helped her to her first class, soon the two admitted they liked each other and began dating. She got into various battles during her first few days at the school but thanks to her friends they beat each monster and became stronger.
Soon Freya began living with Yukio who she now calls Yuki-chan, despite his slight disliking of it, along with Ykio's friend/rival, Cherry who she likes to call Tabe-kun.
Yukio and Freya got into a very personal battle on the schools beach where they both had to face personal fears, Yukio was almost taken in by his fears but thanks to Freya he was able to come back to himself and they both defeated the monster. The two healed themselves in the nurses office where it was discovered that Yukio had the residue of a shadow within him that was causing him harm. She managed to take the shadow from him, though it drained her. After she decided she would do research on the shadow to turn it into something that could help keep Yukio safe from mind attacks. Knowing she would need help in her research she contacted her mother and was able to get ideas, she was also able to talk to her brother and explained to him what happened to her at the beach.
After that conversation her brother, Artemis, decided to visit and caused trouble in his attempts to break Freya and Yukio apart. Now he's decided to teach at the school and live with them to keep an eye on his sister and continue his plans.
She managed to complete her research thanks to the help of Artemis, and turned the shadow into a safe bond spirit that would protect Yukio. After bonding the shadow to him she went into a slight coma because of the draining effects it had on her. Artemis managed to heal her and became annoyingly protective.
Freya was able to help her brother search for a key for Ms. Sita, but in doing so she found that something was drawing her into the forest, where a large waterfall was with caves hidden behind it. She ignored her brothers warnings on not to do anything stupid and instead went into the cave with Kina, her pet Araknia, and Yukio, she became possessed by a demon that resided there. After she was taken through a portal by a demon that wished to bond with her so she could live in Freya's world and because she took an interest in Freya. The demon allowed Freya to name her and she became Anilese Elendril, thanks to her Freya is able to use her powers over water, flight and her scythe weapon.
Freya is currently preparing for the upcoming tournament, with her new powers she hopes to do her best and get as far as she can until she loses.

Update 2 7/2/12:

Freya spent all yesterday cheering for her friends as they fought there first rounds in the tournament. During that time Anihe and Leon got into a cheer off over Jizero and Serenas battle. Luckily Jizero won his battle which ended the cheering battle. Afterwards Freya decided to work at the Cafe as a waitress, doing well until Yukio showed up and she began favoring him over the others, luckily Haro scolded her and warned her not to do it again. She left work with Yukio and they both spent time together at the carnival where he won her 3 cute plushes, a wolf named Wulfric, a panda called Lita and a dragon plushy for Tabe-kun which she likes to call Oan. The two spent the rest of there time on the Ferris wheel before heading back home.

Update 3 7/3/12:

Freya had her first match today in the tournament, against Yami. Both were skilled in there abilities and fought a long and hard battle. Sadly Freya lost the battle, disappointed with her loss she's gone off to be by herself.

Update 4 7/6/12:

A strange man has revealed that Cherry and Yukio are reincarnations of gods who were once brothers out to kill each other. Unsure what this means for them now Freya hopes that neither choose to kill each other in battle. She is then told by Cherry that he has been in love with since they met, shocked by the confession Freya is sad when she has to break Cherry's heart, she's now worried what this may mean for all three of them, worried about Cherry she is sad and hurt that he lied to her about how he felt about the rejection but can understand why he would lie.

Update 5 7/9/12:

After going on a mission to the astral borders, Freya separates from the group to pursue a separate mission for her teacher, Ms. Sita. Yukio decides to join her and the two went off chasing after the red spirit, Kuei. He refused to give them the book but gave them a bit more information on the past of Yukio and Cherry. After learning about there fight beginning over a girl she knew what she had to do and went to gather the necessary items to complete it. She erased herself from yukios memories, but decided to leave Cherry with his, for now. After her talk with Kuei he saw her good intentions and gave her Ms. Sitas book.

Update 6 8/17/12

A quick overview of what has been happening. Freya's parents came to visit and meet Yukio, that didn't go so well. Then Principal Kyo was kidnapped by his brother Ankobu and held hostage at his castle. Freya attempted to go save him but failed in doing so. Her parents were killed during the fight and Freya in the end gave her emotions over to Ankobu and joined his side. Since then it has been an emotional roller coaster for her fighting against her desires to protect her friends, and let herself fully join the darkside. Since then she managed to start plotting behind her masters back and is confident that this time she won't fail. In an attempt to help, Anilese put Freya to sleep so she and Yukio could have space from each other, instead her dark side took that chance to try and take over her body for good. Yukio, with the help of her younger self and Nox managed to save Freya from being absorbed . Now that she's safe she's having a tough time stabilizing her mind, and coming to terms with the death of her parents. Soon she'll have to leave with her older brother to go meet up with her families elders and complete her ceremony. Hopefully before then she can come to terms with everything and make sure her younger brother is adjusted well.
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Dante's Journal Entry 1: 8/23/12

So far my time at this new school has been quite boring. I managed to meet an annoying girl who my elder brother is "friends" with, both like each other but are too idiotic to admit it. My sister was in a bit of trouble but Nox and her fiance Yukio managed to help her in time. There was also a clown thing but that was unimportant. Since our parents died, my older brother, Artemis, is now me and Freya's new guardian so I have to live at the school with them, I'll be living in the same house with Yukio. Luckily he is not an idiot so I suppose he will make an okay addition to the family. Nox seems to have taken a liking to him which makes it much easier to find him acceptable. Hopefully my older siblings will come back soon from visiting the family elders, it is quite boring here without my sisters constant badgering and being able to shoot Artem.