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Title: shinji updates
Post by: Shinji on June 30, 2012, 04:44:46 pm
Subject: shinji
atfer being to train to control his fire and not burn a log, shinji found out that he was able to turn the fire to a black flame that burn everything but was not able to control it and a white flame that was not hot but cold

shinji was also given a dragonic spell book and a spell book from jizero home planet which he went to his store to read them and try to master each spell that was in the book.
dragonic spell: levitation( which is use to make him self fly), more to come
jizero planet spell: book advance healing(on other not self) ,and red magic(only used when he goes berserk)
subject: shinji
atfer the last summary shinji had recently gave maki a part of his soul, by doing this they have a deeper understanding of each other and are able to tap into each others power, a few days later maki father attacked and shinji having been able to do anything tryed to avoid mika but was forced to talk to her about it, atfer the talk there bond grower stronger, shinji went to mika and jizero home planet in hoping a way to a kill mika father but found no away to kill him, he spared with jizero and mika brother shadow, losing the battle sshadow toward shinji to find away to  fight with using  magic, so he trying to find away to fight without using magic also he proposed to mika  which she said yes to but no date for the wedding have been set, he also has under went training with mr. kyo and ms. sita, with mr kyo he learning to tranform and ms. sita has unlocked his lanted powers but since has not underwent anymore train with the two.
subject: shinji
since the last summary subject shinji has formed a master servent relationship with Jasper Valtone, a dragon that can create gases from it body and transform into a human, and his found out that his brother ,yamato hado, has been spotted on the island. Also his place of business. shin magical item shop, was burnt down by yamato, but thanks to the elemental magic teacher artemis he was able to rebuild it. shinji halso was dragged to the underworld but somehow manage to escape but at the cost of his memories but was able to regain them thanks to his love of mika.
Title: Re: shinji updates
Post by: Shinji on September 19, 2012, 05:29:18 pm
subject shinji
since coming aback from the underworld again shinji memories of mika have been erased. with his memories gone he have deicide to ask jasmine, jasmine works at the not your everyday gym, shinji has also felt something missing from his life, he has wrestled with the idea with leaving the school,
subject shinji
Shinji was suffering from Sleep deprivation, from a dream in which he was chasing an unknown girl  but never caught up with her, he aws confused about this dream and deicide it was better to just not sleep to avoid the dream , 2 wek later he meet zatari in Sliver city she seal the dreams away but only if he willingly join her.
Title: Re: shinji updates
Post by: Shinji on January 19, 2013, 06:57:20 pm
Subject: Shinji.
On 1-15-13, Shinji decided to leave the island feeling as if he was losing himself, atfer an incident on the island, jasper is dragon joined him. On 1-18-13, Shinji and Jasper having reach shinji old traning cottage in the moutains discovered that shinji, in a blind rage, killed his beloved master.  With that infomation, shinji has become severely depressed. He refuses to eat, sleep, or sleep pending al his time training.