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Title: About Character/Adventure/Battle Log Skeleton Sheets (Summaries)
Post by: CherrySwirl on June 30, 2012, 06:56:28 am
Summarizing all of the events that go on in this RP can be a bit difficult since there are so many members. So ere is a way that we can all keep each other updated. We each write individual summaries about whats happened so far to our characters in the story. treat them like Diaries. Or if there was some sort of adventure then you can write up an Adventure Log Post which tells who was involved in it and what happened. Same with Battle Logs. (This is optional)


Character Log Example:
Subject: Cherry [6/29/12]
(Then enter into the white bo whats happened to your character so far. Remember to use the same post for each update. Just click modify and update the date each time the post is modified.)

Adventure Log Example:
Subject: Searching for the Key[6/17/12] (Title it what ever you find suitable)
(First write in who was there then tell what happened.)

Battle Log Example:
Subject: Yukio vs Cherry[6/15/12]
[Why did you fight? What happened durng the fight? Who won?)