O'raion Academy

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Title: summary 1
Post by: kyo on June 17, 2012, 10:18:41 am
lets see if i can do this.........

-the new school year has begun, and teachers have started teaching classes

-relationships have already flared within the school some better than others

- a student named shindo almost lost his life in the forest of oraion

- a student named hoshi seems to be dealing with more than her brother and being a spy, she seems to carry something dark within her, she has sought the advice of principal kyo

-  a student named ruko seems to be dealing with dreams of his mother, and he seems to like another student named ayame doe she bear these same feelings?

- to better her relationship with yukimora and to better her life mechi 002 will try and become human, how this will be attained, hopefully we will soon see

- yukio has been deemed the discipline committee leader and has used the pay to buy a house where he and freya stay along with there new friend cherry, who seems to have feelings for freya but cant find the words to tell her or is it the fact that freya is going with his friend yukio that stalls his words?

-the arrival of some newer people have caused the story to deepen

- fearing for his sisters safety artemis has decided to join the school, will this fracture the relationship of yukio and freya or will this strengthen it

- oraion now has there very own friendly neighborhood spiderman named miles parker

-like a never ending nightmare megan has not only banished mechi too the past but seemed to have followed her, does she plan on ending mechi or is this sheer coincidence

-what will sita gain by having artemis find this key? will she be able to seperate from shroder and if she does will he die?