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Title: My Brother/Memories [afternoon/open]
Post by: Magnus Modelle on February 07, 2013, 02:35:05 pm
"When I look back on the day I finally got to meet Glory, the aspect I remember most is his fascination with friendship."


Glory stares at Magnus from across the plains with a blank expression

Glory: Your friend has become your Posa(positive energy or influence). You have been rendered incapable of evolving due to your ties to such toys which normality has placed here. Your fate is to become one with your Nega(negative energy) and prosper to that which rivals myself and all lesser that inhabit creation. Normality has prevented you from becoming corrupt like myself. The lesser boy is solely responsible.

Magnus: How do you know that?!

Glory: I do not forget. He has created a bond with you, therefore ceasing your negative and preventing you from making my mistake. He has taken care of you as I had imagined and you have done the same.

Magnus: Wait! You....it was you that brought me and Wel together!

 Glory: We are not meant to be bound to eternal darkness. You were given what I was not. I helped the lesser escape his father and leas him to you in hopes of creating a bond. Your similarities have proven such. Go and protect him as he has protected you and you will never regret it. Tell the lesser I give him my thanks. My only regret is not learning his name.

Magnus: His name is Wel.


"It was because of Glory that I met Wel, and because of Wel I don't share Glory's Faye. Now that Wel's gone; what will happen to me? When we got separated in the Phenoma World, I appeared here and Wel was gone. Could he possibly be here as well?"

Magnus sits at a table by himself

Magnus: Mother said that Glory spent most of his time at the library.

Magnus spots a romance novel on the table

Magnus: When Wel told me that he loved me, I imagined something like this, but I had never imagined how two guys would go about it. He tried to kiss me and I electrocuted him. Haha! I don't normally laugh... I must find him. I won't let darkness corrupt me. I need him...
Title: Re: My Brother/Memories [afternoon/open]
Post by: Magnus Modelle on February 09, 2013, 05:33:05 am
Magnus gets upo from the table and begins to look at the books on the shelves.

Magnus: Manga; my sister would like this. Glory could spend days in here. I guess you don't realize what you have until its gone. The sooner I find Wel, the sooner we get out of here. There isnt much time. If I don't find him, the Phenoma World will begin to feed me negative energy. Wel...I need you.

Magnus sits on the floor in the back section against a wall.

*Fun Fact: Glory, Magnus' older brother has taken in so much Negative energy that he can only walk the world of normality(our existence) for 3 days at a time before returning to the Phenoma World. Glory's evolution through negative energy has caused his voice to sound distorted and his power level to become unstable.NOTE: Glory is NOT a registered O'raion character and is in no way intended to be used as one. He is noted throughout Magnus' roleplay for reference and memory purposes only.