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Title: Club Idea:The Black Cauldron
Post by: Magnus Modelle on February 06, 2013, 03:56:39 pm
Name: The Black Cauldron

Description: The Black Cauldron is a group for rogues or just beings who believe they do not belong at the O'raion Academy. Something or Someone may be lead to be reason for these beings appearing here, hence their co-existence with O'raion's populace. These members are mainly rebellious characters unaccepted by the teaching staff as normal students. Basically students with their own intentions( of course abiding by site regulations)

Club Leader: Magnus Modelle

Club Liutenant: N/A

Members:(can be added whenever)

 Club Logo/Flag: The Enota Symbol for what they believe to to be the three fates(Sin, Prosperity, and Paradox) which consists of 3 circles(one colored, one half colored, and one blank) at the ends of lines in the shape of an arrow.