Author Topic: A Quick stop... [ Yume, between At beach and Yukio's house, Yume's house open?]  (Read 47 times)


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Yume flies down at her house and let her wings and tail disappear, going in human form. She look at the japanese-style three story house she call home, it was the same as she left it, she sigh to herself as she began to walk inside and quickly ran upstair to her room, not caring who was here or what nots. "Where is it... it gotta be here..." She mutters to herself as she take stuffs out, looking in her drawers and then her closets, anywhere that hold stuffs. She sit on her messy bed and scratch her head. "Dammit... where is that potion I kept. I didn't think I need it, but now I do..." She sigh to herself and grabbed a pillow, hugging it. "...what is wrong with me... I can't tell Jasper if I don't know what going on myself... and the nightmares are even coming back." she mutters to herself.

She stood up and slap her forehead, muttering curses under her breathes. "Damn, already used that potion a long time ago when I couldn't handle it. And I can't remember how to make it!" she groan to herself and quickly left the room, not caring to clean it up since something else was important.

"Maybe Freya might helps... maybe she can analyze what going on with me, might explains why my formation was too fast too..." She rubbed her neck softly. "I will tell you, Jasper. Please wait for me tonight." she think to herself as she shift into her full dragon forms and flies off, leaving the front door open to the messes inside, resuming her flight to Yukio's house, hoping freya would be there. She didn't like hiding stuffs to jasper, but she decide tonight she will tell him once she figure out few stuffs.
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