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Sachima Jinzo

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Re: yukimoras house
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"Train?......Okay let's go to my room Anihe-senpai Papa has something for me" she pulled her into her room and came back and put a homemade little blue cape with a heart in the middle that had "love" in a japenese symbol and walked in with Anihe "can you get that up there" she pointed to the top of the shelf
Name: Sachima Jinzo
Age: 15 (Really is 6)
Gender: female
Look: (When she is normal)
Spoiler (hover to show)

Bio: Sachima is the daughter of yukimora Jinzo. She loves to explore and meet people. She wishes to be a great swordsmen like  her father
Likes: exploring , candy playing with her uncles and aunts, to loud people and learning new things
Dislikes: upsetting her father and yelling
Abilities: lightning (does kno yet)
Equipment: candy