Author Topic: Takashi & Hoshi House  (Read 901 times)


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Re: Takashi & Hoshi House
« on: June 13, 2012, 10:12:54 am »
Takashi got to the house and a little kitty cat was following him. he stopped and turned around. "Look you followed me all the way home! get outta here now please..."The cat looked at him with this sad look & started to wake away. As she was walking away, Takashi was starting to give in and said "...Ok Fine you can stay but i dont know what you like.. you animals are very picky.. and if im not aloud to have you in the house, you have to go. hopefully i dont get check ups... *sigh*" The cat just in his arms & they went inside. He started to make dinner with the stuff he already got before he went to the school... which is why he was late... he just made some soup, rice, orange chicken & some pees. He left the cat eat the rest on his plate. he took a shower & laid on his bed. "... sigh.. hoshi ... i dont see why you have to be in a dorm .... when you can just live with me ... " He started to shiver & rub his arms"i need. my sister." The cat jumped on his bed & laid on other pillow/color] "No no no ! You cant stay the-... nevermind" He just went to sleep for the next day
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