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Re: Shinji's & mika house
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After searching the house for Shinji she couldn't find him.  She had wanted to talk to him about yesterday.  She wasn't sure if she would have been able to tell him about today.  She was still confused herself.  She was still shaking some, Maybe I'm just cold she naively tried to convince herself.  She decided to take a shower.  She stayed in the warm water for a long time trying to warm herself up.  The water radiated heat through her body, but didn't seem to reach the her core. 

Forty five minutes later she walked out of the bathroom, and changed into warm pjs.  She didn't bother to minimize her wings, she wanted them to wrap around herself anyways.  She crawled into their bed and burrows under the covers wrapped in her wings.  Her mind races through all that has happened in the last day.  As the thoughts ran through her mind at top speed she felt herself getting sleepy.  It felt weird to sleep without Shinji next to her, but she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer.  She drifted off into a restless sleep.

A few hours into her sleep she started to thrash around a bit.  In her dream, Mika woke up in a small room.  She was much younger, maybe 5.  All that was in the room was a small bed.  She was sitting in the corner of the bed.  The room smelled sterile, too clean.  It felt oppressive.  Her wings were wrapped around her, not for warmth but for protection.  She watched the door to the room open, and she began to shake in terror.  She dove under the covers hidding from the one entering the room.  She refused to look at them.  They pulled the covers back and picked her up.  Mika grabbed the bed frame and tired to hold on for dear life, but her small arms couldn't hold a candle to the adults pulling her.  She yelled out, but no one would come, no one ever did.  Next thing she knew she was strapped down to a table again.  The buzzing of the machines in the room was insistent.  It made her want to rip out her ear drums.  There were bright white lights beating down on her.  The faces of the others in the room were obscured by the bright lights.  She knew what was coming, tears streamed down her face as the knife was lowered.  The drugs that were beginning to course through her veins did little to stop the searing pain that always came first.  She screamed over and over, but no sound escaped her lips.  Before the medication would even take effect she was unconscious.

Mika screamed in her sleep.  She woke up drenched in cold sweat.  She grabbed at her chest, she swore she could still feel the knife.  What happened to me? she screamed in her head.  She ran to the corner of the room, and curled up.  Wrapping her wings around her as a shield.  She grabbed her head with both hands, and sat there in a state of shock. 
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