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Re: Maria's Presidental Suite
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Yamato blink a few times clearly confusion. He have been called almost every name in the book and brushed them as if they were nothing, but a simple nickname of affection always made him confused." Oh you didnt take rations?"
Name: bruce
 gender: male
Bio: a thanatian hatchling that traveled the world before coming to the island. While traveling he became obsess with becoming like his favorite hero batman but forgots that he is. At time he will run around screaming that he is batman, he is a ice dragon. He is very easily excited.
 ability: control and create ice.
Likes:almost everything.
Dislikes:almost nothing
 Classes:(total of 5)
Clubs/activities: if have any
Class Rep: Year: total of 4 years evryone starts at year 1
Equipment: autility belt filled with shiny things he found while traveling

Stats: 400
strength- 70
Energy to use ability-60
martial arts skills-70
equipment skills-10