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Re: Hunter's Moon
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Mika smiled as she felt how alive he felt and she sighed deeply.  As his hands traced through her hair her head moved into the touch almost like a cat.  She puzzled for a moment about his responses but doesn't ask him about it, deciding just to enjoy the moment.

His words catch her ears.  Her eyes drop for a moment.  She felt guilty at the words.  She certainly wasn't intentionally trying to be fickle or lead anyone on.  She bit her lower lip in thought while she twisted a lock of hair around her fingers.  Her emotions were all jumbled, and they swam around her head in a frenzy.  She knew she didn't want to hurt either Hunter or Shinji.

A few long moments later she realized how long she had been quiet.  She looked up at Hunter again a slightly confused and apologetic look in her eyes.  "I'm sorry I didn't mean to get lost in my thoughts.  I have a bad habit of doing that."  She wrung her hands lightly together. 
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