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Re: Hunter's Moon
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Mika had been taken by surprise at his action.  The kiss was so delicate, so soft.  Her heart had skipped a beat when she felt his hands holding her face, his lips on hers.  She watched him apologize unable to react for a moment, she was still caught in the feel of his lips.  She knew why he apologized, but part of her didn't want him too.  Yes she loved Shinji, and he loved her with all his heart.  However that didn't mean that she she was becoming more and more aware of her feelings for Hunter.  Denying them would be lying to herself.  His comfort, his warmth, his caring for her was something that had made itself deep inside her.

"Hunter." She whispered, placing a finger softly under his chin, raising his eyes to hers.  Down cast eyes were not fitting for him.  Her own eyes locked on his.  Her fingers traces softly over his cheeks, savoring the feel of them.  Her finger gently traced across the lips that had just found hers.  "I am not angry, please don't apologize." she said softly.  She may have been confused, not because of his action, but by her feelings.  However she could never be angry with him.  She moved closer to him resting her head gently on his chest.  Her body sighed into his.  "You're little angel could never be mad at you." she said squeezing his hand gently.
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