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Re: Hunter's Moon
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At Hunters words to her inner most worries Mika felt relieved.  It was like a weight has lifted off her shoulders.  He could always put her worrying mind to ease so swiftly.  She let herself relax into him as he told her of what interested him.

She listened intently as he painted the picture for her.  She could see why such a thing would captivate him.  Being able to see the world through the eyes of a dreamer was a beautiful thing.  She smiled as he talked about children as well.   "I can see you playing with children." she said with a soft smile.  "Its almost a shame when they stop believing in Imaginary friends."  She thought of her own Imaginary friend, although she had turned out to exist.  She locked her eyes on his, "You see the world so differently than I do.  I think I like your view better than the one my mind tends to portray.  You see the light, the beauty, it makes me happy to hear how you see it."  She said this seriously, she knew she had a tendency to see the dark before the light.  Hunter was always able to make her see more of the light.
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