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Re: Hunter's Moon
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Mika listened to every word intently.  "Well I think this place is beautiful." she said leaning her head on his shoulder.  "I would like to visit it more often, if that's alright of course."  Her eyes darted down quickly, she certainly would never want to intrude if this was special for him.  Her eyes rose and locked on his,  "I'm glad I can give you warmth."

Her eyes softened even more when he explained his role as a knight.  "I didn't mean to be surprised by the fact that you watch over me.  In fact it brings me great comfort.  I would not ask you to cease, It would make me sad not to have you near me."  She sighed into him.  "I guess I just still have trouble making myself see that people could care enough for me to want to be there for me."  She let her feelings out, she had always felt worthless before coming to the school.  The fact that people saw her as something special or worth protecting still was foreign to her.  How could she be special? She had always been unwanted, or so she thought.  Now she knew what she was, and people still wanted her to be happy.  How could this broken monster be worth looking after?  To be honest with herself that was the question she would most fear to ask aloud.  She wrestled with it constantly, not that she'd willingly admit it.

Thinking about what he did with his time she smiled.  She could see him watching over her as a guardian angel, and she could see him learning about the world.   She looked him in the eyes, "So tell me are there things that you particularly like about the world, things that captivate your interests?"  She just wanted to learn more about him.  She wanted to know him better, to be able to know what made him happy.
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