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The pendant had gone eeriely silent. That seemed to panic him more. He could feel that fear rising up. As if, perhaps, Kaya was no longer here. You don't believe in anything. So, her reincarnation bullshit must have been just that. ****. She said she wouldn't leave. But she did. Are you better for having felt something for her? Unlikely. It would have been better never to meet her. Then you wouldn't be hurting like this. Everyone dies. That's what you told her. Then she smiled her sweet smile, and convinced you otherwise. Look at that. She lied. Isn't it odd how close her and the Spider kid are? She even stopped talking to you that day to talk to him. You sure it wasn't Spider kid who did this? Maybe he asked the demon to take Kaya. He wants her for himself. You know that. You can see it. Ebveryone is whispering that he set free a demon. That he got something from it, before he set it free. Maybe that's what he got. Kaya. He took her from you. Who knows how many times he might have kissed her before you did. He's had his hands on her.

~Miles runs off, trying to find Kaya on his Spidey radar. She's not there. All he can smell is her blood. Blood shouldn't smell good, but hers does. It's like the scent has gotten into his nose, and it's stuck there. It made him wonder if that was what her skin smelled like. And he remembered that Haro would know. Haro's gotten his hands on her. And then he pushed her into that **** black hole. Maybe he was in league with that demon. Maybe he made sure that Miles went into that underwater cave? After all, who was at the beach at that time? Kaya and Haro. And now look, Kaya was gone and Haro had made sure of it. He must have wanted the demon freed. Maybe he wanted Kaya bound to him forever. Maybe Kaya had wanted Miles, and Haro knew it. But, he just wouldn't let her go. He obviously wanted Kaya for himself. What if he used the demon to make that possible?~