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Re: The First floor
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Miles growled. "You pushed her into the shadow!!! And do you want to know the sad part? She was screaming your name as you pushed her." He said, a tendril whipping out and grabbing Haro by the arm, throwing him against the wall. The voice he heard in his head, that just made things worse. He looked at his suit, which seemed to be alive, then at Haro, his anger and hate towards him growing. "It's funny.." Miles said, disappearing into the shadows, his venom suit making him near untraceable. "It's funny..and ironic how it was you who killed her." His chuckle could be heard throughout the mansion.
"I mean, I can't say I didn't see it coming. You and her. But I just think It's ironic how it was you who killed her." He said, dropping down with a tendril to Haro's head.
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