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Miles smells the candy sweetness of Kaya's blood. He sees it on Haro's sword. It's covering his hands. Surely, his impassioned screams are all lies. Here he is, he got the girl. And in the end, he killed her. Even in the argument on the rooftop, who stood by her side? You. Who left her to the slavering wolves? Him. Yet who did she pick? She went screaming his name into the shadows.

Why aren't you ever good enough? This venom suit was supposed to be the next step in becoming the best, yet here you are, coming in last. The nice guy always comes in last. An assholes like him always get the girl. Did you know? He kissed her. Twice. He got there first.

Haro smells that candy sweet blood,, and underneath is the scent that, in his mind, it just says Kaya. That scent that clung to her skin, and hair, her clothes. His hands are covered in that thick red fluid. It's, in fact, still warm. The pendant around his neck vibrated with it's grief. It wailed it's Mistress' name, and that very thing clenched around his heart. That one thing that mattered so much was gone. And the foul stench of demon lingered in those shadows, trying to swallow up and taint that Kaya smell. That might be the last thing he has of her.