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Before their very eyes, both men watch as Kaya disappears. The pendant yields nothing but static. Miles' spidey sense can't find her.

Miles believes that he saw shadow open behind Kaya, and when Haro touched her, he shoved her into the endless black. The last thing he hears before she disappears from his radar is her screaming. Instead of screaming for him, though, she screamed still for the man that had pushed her through that rather abyssal portal.

Haro believes that he watched something almost demonic come from behind Kaya. She has time to look him in the eyes and scream three words, "Please save me..." Before she is gone completely, nothing left behind but the candy smell of blood coming from the shadows. The pendant is almost screaming in his head. Screaming as if it's Mistress had been taken away.

[Game on, boys.]