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She touched his face gently, looking down at him. "Koi, I need you to get up. Now. I promise, I'll explain it all, but we've got to go. We need to get Miles some help. He's hurt. Bad." This was a different Kaya, a more take charge Kaya, but her smile was still the same.

She turned, moving to Miles quickly. It's not clear why she was a fourth year. Her eyes scanned over the bleeding teen quickly, making a quick diagnosis. "All right, we need to get you somewhere safer than this house." She picked him up, much as if he were no trouble for her to carry. It was an odd sight, that petite girl doing so.

She looked at Haro. "Come closer to me. Wrap your arms around me." And out they skipped through the shadow. As they exit the house, Kaya gives a rather intimidating hiss, flame sparking slightly at something. And then they're gone again.