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Re: The Basement
« on: June 27, 2012, 11:59:51 pm »
Miles looked around. As his eyes caught glimpse of the picture, he stopped and smiled. He thought. What is that picture is a foreshadow.., but that thought went away as quick as it came, as his face morphed into Haro, and Kaya, looking at him with those eyes.. He attached a web to the picture and threw the picture across the room, shattering it into tiny little pieces. He looked at the ground, and he couldn't believe his eyes. Kaya was sitting there, bleeding to death. She seemed to look at him, asking him to set her free... But that thought was canceled quickly also, as she, once again, reached for Haro. He seemed to be snickering.. almost teasing him. He stood there..stood there and let her die.. In his mind, Haro was dead to him...and so was Kaya.... "No she's not!!" He screamed to himself... Then it went off. Like an alarm that never went of. He wasn't sure where it was coming from, but that was second. First, he needed to find Kaya, and if applicable, kill Haro on the way. He went from the basement to the attic to look.
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