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He swears he can hear Kaya laughing. That pure, undiluted, innocent giggle of hers. ^The picture frames have her face looking out at him. One catches his eye, because it's that of a couple. It's a candid shot of the two, hands linked as thery walked away, but looked back together at the camera. Their steps were in sync with one another, they smiled happily, and their hands twined in that forever sort of way. And Miles saw his own face...and Kaya's. And then, like a dream, the man's face became Haro's instead. And the woman was Kaya as she looked at him adoringly. As if he could no wrong in her eyes. Images flashed through hs mind, Kaya smiling at him, Kaya touching him, Kaya hugging him, Kaya, Kaya, Kaya. Until the final image is of a crying and badly injured empath. She stared up at him, and he was inches from her, ready to free her, to save her. But still she reached out to the sneering Haro that stood at her other side. Stood and let her bleed out. Somewhere, wherever that shadow went, Kaya was dead. There was a cold certainty inside his mind.