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Kaya watched the girl pacing, recognizing her nerves. "All right, first, you need to keep this in mind. Getting told no never hurt anyone. It's just a word. And even if that happens, you'll still be you. Meaning you'll still have me, and be pretty damn awesome." She grinned at Rina. There's no lie from Kaya.

"Second thing. It doesn't diminish you if things don't work out. What will diminish you, and your belief in yourself is if you chicken out, and miss that chance. You don't need to give yourself reason to have doubts. Life will do that enough for you." She held out her hands like a scale. "See what I'm saying? One does take from the scale. The other only stands to add if it's positive. 

Always remember. When it comes to people, and adding them to an equation, that equation is already balance. You're only adding to the positives. And if that person doesn't want to be a positive, then they have no place for you. so no clucking and no doubting."
Kaya grinned at the girl.