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Re: Sitting Room
« on: July 02, 2012, 09:55:33 pm »
Rina smiled at her friend. "I'm almost ready to tell you, I promise" she said, thinking about it once more. "I'm not ready to do it yet, but when I tell you I hope that you can help. I'm sure you can, but I'm not ready for help yet." Rina let out a small sigh. "The thought of rejection is the only thing keeping me from saying or doing anything.
Rina stood up and paced the room nervously. "The closer I get, the more doubtful I feel about this whole situation. I'm afraid that once my opportunity opens up, I'll chicken out and let it pass."
Name: Sabrina ‘Rina’ Halliwell
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Bio: Sabrina is the half-sister (on the human side) of Serena. Her sister was taken by the Succubi before she was born so she doesn’t know of her. However she knows of her. She overheard her parents talking about how Serena had broken free of the Succubi and was now teaching at some school. That night she packed her bags and traveled on her own to the school to find her sister.
ability: Pyrokinesis, scrying, premonition, minor telekinesis
Likes: darkness, purple, practicing her abilities, fire
Dislikes: anything pink, water, being underestimated
Classes: to be decided
Class Rep: Yami
Year: 1
Equipment: scrying crystal, various herbs and plants

Stats: 200
strength- 30
speed- 20
intelligence- 30
energy to use ability- 40
stamina- 40
martial arts skills- 10
equipment skills- 30