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Kaya's skin shimmered, the magick she used leaving her something that dazzled the eye for a moment. For just a moment, she looks unearthly, and barely mortal to Haro's eyes. He had a moment to wonder if this was the same girl he'd gotten involved with.

Then that light dimmed, and the dazzle fell to a faint shimmer if she moved, like faerie dust on her skin. Her eyes were the purest of blue violet. When his wounds knitted, her head gave a nod. The light faded from his eyes, and finally her face relaxed from their stern and set lines.

The knock on the window made the woman turn her head toward it, blue violet eyes finding Miles clinging to her window. She reached out, the window opening with her gesture. A dark brow arched, looking over the man that perched in her window. She spoke mildly, as if blood wasn't spattered all over her kitchen. "Might want to get in here. Those guards have a thing against perverts." Her tone was vaguely wry.

By now, the water had boiled down, so with another flick of her hand, she turned off the heat. She then looked down at Haro again, gazing deeply at him. "You finally back again, koi? The red is gone." She said matter of factly.