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Before Haro could retort, Kaya held up her hand. Her eyes were stormy, and thunder echoed vaguely in her words. "Stop. This is not going to turn into a fight. You-" She pointed at Miles. "Lay your self back down now. I'm pumping my own life force into you, and you're not gonna be stupid and squander it. Lay. Back. Down." The girl could look intimidating when she wanted to.

As an afterthought she looked at him. "Take off that goddamn suit. It makes you different. It makes you start fights. And you feel angry and...dark." There was softer Kaya. She was trying to stay strong, but worry still made it through her voice.

When Haro started to cry, Kaya blinked. The amount of emotion pouring off the man was staggering, especially to someone who already felt like she'd been tossed around in a hurricane. She let him curl into her, and willed herself not to cry.