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Kaya moved from the shadows in her dark dorm room, carrying Miles and with a dazed Haro wrapped around her. She flipped the switch to the light illuminating the room. She wanted light. Now.

She gently set Miles down on a stack of blankets, unconcerned if he bled all over them. With a flick of the pin, the cloak swings from around her shoulders, to lie across the bed in a bleeding black puddle of velvet and silk.

Kaya is in all black, which hides the blood. She grabbed swiftly for the messenger bag, the bag of gemstones coming to her hand. With a practiced ease, she set forth the precious and semi precious stones. She was drawing a healing circle with them.

Bloodstone, clear quartz, amethyst and pyrite came to hand quickly. Apache's Tear, known for it's psychic masking properties found it's way into her hands, and was quickly activated and scattered over her room. Their identities would be masked for a time.

The healing circle began to do it's job nearly immediately after it was complete, Kaya feeding her own life force through the stones and into the bleeding teenager. Slowly, those wounds began to knit.