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Kaya answered her door in jean shorts and a blank tank. "Heya! Come on in! I'm so glad you made it!" She stands back to let the other girl make her way inside.

The dorms walls were bare, but for two book shelves filled with books on half of the shelves. The other half of ther shelves held a variety of orbs in different stone, from Clear Quartz, to Rose, to Smoky and even an Amethyst and Citrine orb. There was more of the Rose Quartz scattered through the room, with a healthy sprinkling of Clear Quartz for good measure.

Anyone sensitive to energy or emotion could say that they'd found a safe zone here. Negative was purified out, and positive vibration radiated through it. The bed was comfortable, and there were two upholstered chairs for the girls to sit in near a table.

"Can I get you anything? I've got water, and various soft drinks, you name it, I likely have it. I've got a bit of an addiction." Kaya smiled lightly. "I've got chips and snack cakes. As well as every girl's best friend. Chocolate. Pick your poison, and I'll get it." The girl was chattering vaguely. She realized it, but also attributed it to nerves.