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Re: Room 315
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Rei eyed Mika, then stood up, pulling Kurei up. "We... will be going." He said, it was clearly he was still hurt as he hold his hand against the wall, bloods began to sweep out of his palms and it formed into a blood-portals that leads to what seem to be a temple surrounded by beautiful Chinese forest."Let go... we not welcome here... anymore." although they don't have a home, they knew that the only place that ever truly safe and possibly a real home was Hanzou's temple, so Rei decided to take him there using his blood portal, he wasn't sure if he should see Mika again... Shinji loved mika... and he seem to observes that she trust him too... Kurei assumes Mika would trust shinji over kurei, even if he tortures Kurei... however this was simply his assumption, not knowing the evidences he decide to not think about it further. He then laid his head to Rei's shoulder, he doesn't want to speak, he close his eyes and enters the portal.

After they enters the portal, the portal was still open, seeing that Rei putting Kurei down on a rock next to a pond, he walk back toward Mika again. "...he said he sorry, his mind is... he just... Shinji, he... and the humans..." he sigh to himself, unable to speak any further, unable to find words, so he put the thing in mika's hand and quickly run toward the portal, he waved to Mika with a sad smiles and then walk in, in the background, she could see a temple's doors opening slowly, revealing a black haired woman with stunning yellow vampire eyes, who seem to be in around 30's year old, quite beautiful, her eyes settle on hanzou with a surprise look.

The woman gasp and spoke something that was inaudible, however it seem Rei and Kurei could hear it, with Rei's eyes widen, forgetting to close the portal as the woman tackle him and hugged him, her tears were falling down and was filled with joys, Rei was surprise, but soon his own tears began to fall too after realizing who it was, Kurei look at the portal, looking at Mika, he then waved his arm down, closing the portal, but not before giving a similiar smiles to her.

The thing in mika's hand was a ruby ring with the bands written in Chinese, there a small note on top of it. 'I not sure if you wish to talk to us again, so I will be leaving this communicator to you. Kurei said he will miss you, said he really liked meeting you for the first time, and liked how you grew up, he wishes that you be safe, too, you and miyako both, we gonna try and see if my family will adopt him and let him lives with us, maybe then... we will be truly be safe... From Hanzou and Kurei.'
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Re: Room 315
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Mika nodded to the two as they left.  Giving them a smile and a wave, she understood why they left.  She voiced her goodbyes, at least for now.  As the two looked safe and happier she watched the portal close before reading the note.  Holding the ring gently she smiles and put it away carefully.  Making sure to get Yukio home via a shadow she sighed and sat on the bed and looked around once more.  She pulled out the drawer on the bedside stand and looked in seeing the small box, knowing what it held.  She opened it carefully seeing the necklace....and the ring.  The indent was gone now, as her hand carefully traced her left ring finger.  Setting the two back down she closed the drawer again before leaving quietly.
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