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Re: Dra Funmt uv Nihac ~Yume's Nihacs World~
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Ikari shot a glare at Elliot, Genji, and Ren, and walk over to nearby tree. She pick up a tree with one hand and throw it near the three boys, warning them that Ikari will NOT give mercies.  Her eyes move over to Homura and then to the other two boys, she thinks for a moments and then walk over to Elliot's side. "Miyura-kun, you might as well learns that this could possible be her home world, I am somehow relates to her, but we do not know yet. You may also wish to learn about her here and find clues to her mysterious powers, might help her out too." She said this while looking up in the path to the exit. "...Yhesmc Village..." She mutters softly.
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