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Re: Dra Funmt uv Nihac ~Yume's Nihacs World~
« on: August 11, 2012, 12:13:02 am »
Ikari sigh to herself at the sight in front of her, she then look and count them up. "...3...5" she said to herself as she look at Elliot, and then at Demix, seeing that he the most mature guy in the group. "Mr. Demix, I assumed, would you mind breaking the boys up and tell them to follow us or I will POUND them with no mercies?" She said as she walk over to Homura, she then look at her closer and then spoke. "Don't be afraid if you can't talk, you can help but for now we need to find a nearby village. "She then look at them all and then spoke out loud. "All of you, listen up, we are in Dra Funmt uv Nihac, a world where Yume's summons monsters reside, this is a mysterious world and I wish you would listen to me kindly and not do any reckless things." She look at Elliot while walking up to him. "Yes there will be monsters and many kinds of races, there may be some that look normal, some may look unique." She look over at Demix and then at Homura. "...and some that may relate to your species... For now we will go nearby village and find any information regarding Yume-san, I will try to explains more once we find a Inn for the night, Understood?!"
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