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« on: June 11, 2012, 02:20:08 pm »
1. all students must start off in orientation, were starting as if this is the new school year
2. we are highschool students so stats will start off low
3. there are two dorms one boys and one girls
4. there are 4 class reps for each grade who you can go to if help is needed in the school....... the problem is they are very difficult to get a hold of, it's said they appear usually when something they like is around
5. the principal is usually never seen but he will answer any students call, just leave a note with a small blood offering at his office mailbox
6. you don't have to go to classes but there will be consequences
7. there will be clubs, to make a club it has to be approved by a class rep
8. to be in the running to move up a grade you must pass a majority of your class exam's given too you by your teacher
9. to actually be moved up a grade you must pass your finals
10. you can get a job to get money
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Name: ruko yagime
Age: 17


Bio: ruko has no family he doesn't even know why he's in this world. left to fend for himself as a child principal kyo brought him to the school and allowed him to join when he turned 16. he doesn't have many friends and he plays pranks on people he is also a very skilled thief hey you gotta eat some how he is also very proud of being a kitsune but he tends to lie sometimes so be careful  (sheesheesheesheeshee)

 albility: invisibility(needs complete focus), transformation, Illusions, twilight abilities control over some forms of light and darkness(just like a green lantern)   

Likes: fruits,meats,music,money,girls

Dislikes:dogs,popcorn,spiders, cockiness

Classes:beast terminology 1, tracker class 1, assassin 101 1, survival 1, transformations 1

Clubs/activities: if have any

Class Rep:
Year: 1st year
Equipment: magic bag that allows him to store an unlimited amount of items

Stats: total 500
energy to use ability-80
martial arts skills-60
equipment skills-0

Lucile a sword made of light


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