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A New Development :D
« on: February 02, 2013, 10:52:49 pm »
As I don't feel like posting this to every single area on the Island, this will be marked as an announcement/important, and should be noted by everyone. It is in effect:

As every living presence left the ground of the ghost town, there came the softest shudder from the rubble of the desolate buildings. From the crevices and cracks, through the smallest piles and largest mountains of debris, seeped a shapeless fog. Not dissimilar to the Fog within the Astral realms, this was something that could suffocate and choke someone, if it liked.

The smell of death traced through the mist, though it was difficult to pinpoint it's precise location. Soft whispers, barely discernible to most ears, are a continuous music in that hellish masking. And every so often, a child's song can be heard, as can the tinkling of young and innocent laughter. It's a ghoulish thing, haunting to those with children or younger siblings.

This cloud of decay and death rolled slowly, inexorably toward the mainland, and would descend upon the populace in about a day.

((Anyone investigating, contact me via PMs, please. Tell me precisely what you're doing to investigate the occurence, what you're using to find out information, etc. Yes, this is open to everyone!))
Name: Kaya Mitsume 'Lorelei'
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